Bel and Pav

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How We Met

Pav and I were going to the same gym but never trained at the same time. We met in person at an end-of-challenge party. We chatted briefly but nothing further.

A few months went by and we started talking. We found we were very compatible. We had both been married previously and had been working on our own personal development to become the best versions of ourselves. Our beliefs and values just clicked.

It was very clear early on for both of us that we were meant to be.

How They Asked

We’d been talking about getting engaged but nothing solid. COVID has been really tough for us; with so much uncertainty, financial pressure, and stress at work we have truly leaned on eachother. I’d been really proud of us!

On Saturday night we made a reservation at our favorite restaurant in the city. Lucky for us its only walking distance from home. We have lost count of the number of times we’ve visited and it’s always a great night. I particularly love the walk to and from the restaurant: we play music, sing, dance, and laugh the whole way.

He’d had the ring hidden in his sock RIGHT THROUGH DINNER – he didn’t want me to feel it in his jacket, but was so worried it would fall out!

After another perfect meal, we were walking home, laughing, and talking. There were no cars at all (which is rare!), and he stopped and looked at me, he had something to say but was tongue-tied. I knew straight away, but let him sweat ;). At that moment, the whole world stood still, I looked at him and sang a line from one of our songs: “when you look at me, and the whole world fades. I’ll always remember us this way”. Right then he got down on one knee and popped the question.

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It was just perfect for us; just the two of us. A moment I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

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