Bekah and Tyler

How We Met

We’ve been dating since high school. He was 14, I was 15. We met at church, we were in the youth group together. We both had a crush on each other which was no secret to anyone around us. He told me over Xbox live one day that he would tell me next meeting who he had a crush on. So I cornered him and since he was too nervous to share I told him I liked him. He then finally told me he liked me too and six and a half years later here we are.

How They Asked

We’ve been long distance since we’re both in college but we both know this is the real deal and so worth it. We planned to be engaged this summer by his senior year in college but to surprise me he sped it up! He had a photographer set up at a park, but when our Midwestern weather set a snow storm upon us, we couldn’t make it there. He pulled up a wonderful back up plan, though, where we walked to a different park much closer. The photographer couldn’t make it but Tyler’s brother popped out of nowhere to be able to catch it all on video. Happy Valentine’s day to me!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the park