Bekah and Theo

How We Met

I met Theo in Psychology class at college right at the beginning of our sophomore years back in 2012, although we both agree that we had been introduced our freshman year in the dorms. I recall the second Theo stepped into Psychology on the first day of classes, because he was the ONLY handsome boy to enter the classroom (later to learn he was called the “cute science boy” in his science classes too). I knew from then on I needed to get to know him. The first form of communication that we had was a tweet on Twitter. We had just finished taking one of the first few psych tests mid Sept. and I thought I would reach out to Theo (not knowing how intelligent he was) by tweeting to him how rough the test was, and how I for sure failed, only for Theo to tweet back he pretty much aced it (and of course I failed and Theo got 100).

A few tweets and a few giddy library “study sessions” later, we began to form a strong relationship that we knew we did not want to lose. November 4, 2012 we made ourselves official, after spending the months before slowly learning and studying each other and going on dates such as the Homecoming Bonfire, The Drunken Noodle etc.

We both agree that from then on we knew that we had found “Our Person”

Image 1 of Bekah and Theo

how they asked

We pretty much knew after month 3 of dating we wanted marry each other. Due to me knowing my dad would not approve of marriage until I was 30, I didn’t believe it would happen, until it actually did.

July 31st, 2015 was already a crazy day, due to me staying up until 3am the night before to clean out my apartment I had to be out of early in the morning and Theo moving into his apartment for Med School the same day. When I got all moved out Theo made a pit stop in my town to pick up my couch to bring to Grand Forks for his place. It was a quick and easy visit lasting 15 minutes tops, and looking back I did not feel as though Theo was acting any different than usual. I was going to meet Theo and his mom at his apartment a few hours later when I had gotten all my stuff moved into the new place I was staying that month. On my way a few hours later, I thought it was suspicious to get a call from Theo asking me how far away I was, knowing I had told him about 40 mins earlier that I was on my way and it would be an hour tops. Theo claimed that I needed to get there to help him and his mom move my couch in asap. Upon arriving, I walked through the already open (oops!) apartment complex door and to his place only to have Theo greet me at the door flustered to see me (apparently the complex door wasn’t supposed to be open so he could let me in and prepare himself for what was going to go down only a few moments from then). Theo asked me to follow him to get the couch, with his mom following behind (with both cameras). This was the moment that I had waited so long for, when instead of walking towards the trailer Theo pulled me behind him to an open area in front of his new home for the next few years. I blacked out when Theo started talking, but remember him telling me that this was the new chapter of his, and soon to be our, life and he didn’t want to spend it with anyone else, etc..

There were tears, screams, happiness, and smiles from all the family members and friends that Theo got permission from the days before who had been waiting for me to call them all day (including my dad!). The ring is beautiful, the moment was beautiful, and I was so surprised. It truly was the best day of our lives… for now!

Image 2 of Bekah and Theo