Bekah and Simon

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How We Met

We met as teenagers at our Saturday music school when we were in the same drama class; I was 14 and Simon was 16 (and the cutest guy in the whole music school) so with some egging on by friends, I struck up conversation about the music he liked and after that, we hung out each Saturday at music school, then outside of school, and stayed friends when Simon when to university and remained friends despite living in different countries and rarely seeing each other. Over a decade after we first met, we both ended up living near each other, started hanging out regularly again and almost instantly fell in love with each other.

how they asked

We’d been friends for over a decade when we finally got together. After years of secretly fancying each other but being in awful relationships with other people, we ended up living near each other and bonded more over similar hobbies, our sense of humour and love of adventure. We fell in love very quickly and have become best friends, taking joy in building a home together and hosting parties and events for our friends. We both love Halloween and costume parties but had no plans for a wedding because it would be too bland and difficult to try to please everyone, and ourselves. Last Halloween though, our niece asked if we ever got married, would it be at Halloween? And would she be able to come in a costume? MIND BLOWN! Once the seed was planted, we did some research and realised that the Americans and Canadians have Halloween weddings so why not us! It’s pretty unique in the UK but it meant we could do the whole thing our way and feel totally comfortable it. So by now it’s Christmas 2016 and I’ve gone to Canada to visit family and we are sorely missing each other. We talk about getting engaged a lot, how ready we are to be married and how exciting it will be to put on the biggest and best Halloween party we could, with a wedding in there somewhere. But how could we get engaged? It wouldn’t be a surprise, I had a ring that I wanted as an engagement ring already but I wear it all the time. Let’s play it by ear, we said. So, Simon picked me up from the airport after two weeks apart and all the way home we grin like idiots. We get home, and I unpack and give him my ring “just in case you need this later”. After a delicious dinner and a funny movie at home in our lovely house, I remarked on how happy I was, doing this, so Simon asked if I would be happy to do this forever with him and got the ring out. Of course I said yes, so he asked if I would marry him and I said yes. The he said “Really? Sure?!” Third time was the charm, “yes!” I said. Best friends for life now :)

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