Bekah and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I met at cross country camp our Freshman year of College. It was complete love at first sight (on his end).

how they asked

After waiting and dreaming about this moment for… my whole life… I must say, Sam far surpassed my expectations.

A few hours before I got off work one Friday, Sam casually texted me and asked if I would like to go hiking and where I would like to go (clever kid, knew I would say I don’t care). After packing my apple for dinner, we began hiking Triple Tree. Despite Sam’s analogies to this hike and life, I was completely oblivious. As we summited the peak, I was shocked to see a table on top with white linens, roses, and a “reserved” sign.

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As we got closer, I saw my dress hanging over a chair. Extremely confused, I put my dress on over my hiking attire and sat down. After repeating “There’s a table. On a mountain. And I’m wearing a dress!” multiple times, Sam’s friend emerged from the trees with water and handed us a menu that was filled with clues I didn’t catch on to.

The restaurant was called the “Trees Knees” and the 2 courses to choose from was “Sweet Caroline” (written by Neil Diamond – get it? Kneel with a diamond? Yeah, I never would have) and The Hilltop (the restaurant in which he asked my parent’s permission).

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After consuming about 1/5 of my dinner and being completely full, dessert was served (which I ate in its entirety – you don’t just pass up chocolate cake on a mountain top). Our waiter then returned with the bill (yes, I was still oblivious) and on it it said “engagement dinner… priceless.”

Sam then got down on one knee with a (fake) ring (the real one hadn’t come in… I mean it couldn’t be 100% perfect- that’s never been us!) and asked me to marry him (apparently I didn’t let him say much because I was full of emotions/ confused remarks/ is this real life/ yes). Sam then turned around and gave the trees the thumbs up and his 8 roommates emerged from every which way (including the photographer being 15 feet up in a tree). I must say, he outdid himself

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