Bekah and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met in my Junior year and his Sophomore year of high school. I never paid him much mind until the day of prom when he texted me “I’m taking you to prom next year”, to which I responded “Take a number”. After that we were in a very fun flirtationship, where I knew he had a little crush on me and I entertained him but was never serious. Eventually he seemed to be getting more and more serious and I broke it off. After two weeks of him ignoring me I couldn’t take it anymore, I admitted I liked him and we’ve been inseparable every since. And yes, he definitely did take me to my senior prom the next year, as well as his senior prom the year after that.


how they asked

For my 21st birthday we took a group trip to Daytona Beach, FL. Although Matt and I had been talking about getting engaged I truly did not think it would be happening for at least another month. The boys told us they would meet us in the lobby for dinner once us girls were finished getting ready. Matt called me and told me they were by the exit of the pool, we walked outside and we walked out onto the beach and Matt called me again “Bek, turn around you’re walking the wrong way!!” So I turn around and see Christmas lights up ahead. (When Matt and I started dated I warned him, my proposal better have two things: Christmas lights and fireworks.) I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I got closer and matt handed me his iPad. We watched a video he put together of pictures of us from highschool, to college, to parenthood (our puppy Tucker is our world). Once the video ended Matt got on one knee and said “Bekah Lynn, will you marry me?” I think I said yes but I know I kissed him for sure, and when I did FIRE WORKS start going off. That is the moment I knew I could never love any one as much as this boy. Every one was on their balcony of the hotel cheering for us too! Once the shock wore off I realized these fireworks were illegal so we all ran and we plan to have a happily ever after!

He told me he loved me for the first time a month before we started dating, which I thought was crazy… But then February 5th he asked me to be his wife and now I know he’s insane.


Proposal 2