Bekah and Kaden

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How We Met

Kaden’s Side: I met Bekah back in September of 2014. It was the most romantic first meeting ever. I remember it like it was yesterday; blue skies, a cool 95 degrees (with humidity), and at a football tailgate for the Arkansas vs. A&m game in Dallas, Texas. I was sweaty and looking for the food table (as I always do at tailgates). I heard my friend Stephanie call out to me and ask me to come meet her best friend. I was reluctant at first, but then was excited to find out that it was in fact, in the direction of the food and drinks.

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Then, all of a sudden, this beautiful brown-eyed brunette in a cute little romper (definitely didn’t know what a “Romper” was before I met Bekah but…) said “Hi, I’m Bekah!”. Everything I was thinking about food, and football quickly left my mind. I was hooked. We conveniently got to spend a lot more time that weekend, and she coincidentally needed a ride home (I like to think it was because she wanted to ride with me, but it was truthfully because the friends she rode up with were staying on the other side of Dallas, and it was easier to ride home with Stephanie), and the rest , as they say, is history.

Kind of…

I proceeded to ask her out on a date 5 times before I got a yes. Yes, you read that right. Circumstances played a significant role in that (that’s a story for another day), but I know it was also the lord humbling me, and was proof for me, that Bekah was worth it. She was way out of my league and I had to work harder to get a chance at dating her, than anyone before.

19 incredible months later I found myself in Houston, Texas at a restaurant with her parents. Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… Thankfully there wasn’t any vomit on me, and I definitely wasn’t wearing a sweater… But you get my drift (well, you get my drift if you’re familiar with Eminem). I was so excited, and yet so nervous, but I asked her parents for her hand in marriage. After that it was time to execute my plan.

Bekah’s Side: Kaden and I met at a football tailgate in Arlington, Tx in the fall of 2014. My best friend, Stephanie, had worked at pine cove christian camp a with him, and she wanted me to meet him. My first reaction was that he was handsome and funny, however I had absolutely no intention of dating him. After the football game, I needed a ride home to Fayetteville (as my friends were staying on the other side of Dallas). Stephanie had ridden with him to fort worth, so she offered me a ride home! We drove the 6 hours , and I was able to get to know Kaden, Paul and Tony just a little bit better.

A week after the Arkansas/a&m game, Kaden asked me to go on a date. I explained that I was not in a place to date anyone (long story short), but that I did want to be his friend and get to know him better. Kaden, an extremely persistent man, waited. He waited and waited. He became my friend, even after I told him (at least 5 times) I did not want to be in a relationship or to even go on a date. Slowly, but surely, each time I said no to a date, I wanted to go a little bit more. He became one of my best friends and encourager that semester. Eventually, I gave in and went on a date with him :). I am so thankful that I did, because he is now going to be my husband!

Fast-forward a little…

Kaden told me he loved me on a snowy day in January of 2016, and we both knew at that point that we wanted to marry each other.

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how they asked

Kaden’s version: On friday, September 16, I “Said bye” to bekah as I “Headed to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary”. Side note, we really did celebrate their 50th that weekend (fittingly), but it was that sunday. It had been planned earlier that summer, and bekah knew that I’d be going to it, so it was the perfect excuse. On long road trips, bekah tracks my location. I had thought about this, and chose to actually drive towards waco for about 30 minutes. Then I texted her and said that I was in a storm and had bad service. There are a few important things to note here: 1) I pulled over to text. 2) it was actually poring rain. 3) I sent it as a green text message and not an iMessage to really sell it. Lastly, I tuned off my location and drove back to Fayetteville and made sure that every time she texted me, I waited about 10 minutes to respond with the excuses “Sorry I’m driving”, and “Bad service”.

Meanwhile, I had gathered a video message of all of our immediate family, and two of her best friends, saying encouraging things about her and about our future. Her amazing friends helped set up the church that I was proposing in, the engagement party after, and the dinner that would be the decoy. Seriously people, I could not have done this alone. She was lead to the church after dinner, walked down an aisle of roses and candles, and then proceeded to sit and watch the video. At the end of the video, there was a message from me. I asked her to take a deep breath, stand up, and turn around because I had been hiding behind her watching as she cried and laughed for the last 20 minutes. It’s hard to remember exactly what I said (it was an emotional moment, cut me some slack), but I know it ended with will you marry me. She said yes, and I’m officially committing my life to my best friend on may 29th, 2017. Thank you, Jesus.

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Bekah’s version: On September 16, 2016, Kaden asked me to be his wife. It was parent’s weekend at the university of Arkansas, but Kaden was planning on going home to Waco, tx, for his grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary party that same weekend. Kaden had been talking to me about this party since the summer, so I knew it was a real thing and I had no suspicions. After we said goodbye, I spent the day with my parents and little sister, Hannah. It rained extremely hard in Fayetteville that day, so I naturally tracked his location on my iPhone to make sure he was safe. I saw that he was going toward Waco, and I never heard from him again that afternoon (see his story for all the ways he kept me from seeing his location ha!).

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My 6 best friends and I had made reservations for our families at a pizza place in fayetteville that Friday night. After dinner, my roommate Marley insisted that our little sisters and I ride home with her so we could have a sister movie night. It was already 8pm, so this sounded good for me! We got into the car and started driving around Fayetteville, singing to some of our favorite songs. Marley wasn’t going in the right direction, but we drive around all the time singing and taking the long way home, so I didn’t suspect a thing! Pretty soon, we turned on a street that leads to our church, the hill. We then pulled into the parking lot, and I began to get suspicious. We parked, and Marley asked Hannah to give her something from the trunk. She handed me my makeup bag and a dark green dress to put on (I may have mentioned wanting to wear this dress if I ever got engaged ;)). They then told me to walk into the sanctuary and to press play.

Rose petals, candles, and lights lined the aisle of the sanctuary. At the end of the aisle was a table set up with roses, tissues (I’m a little emotional), and a computer. I took several deep breaths, and pressed play. The video was filled with the most important people in my life- friends, my family, and Kaden’s family. Each person in this 20 minute video affirmed our relationship and explained why they thought we were a good fit for one another, as well as some of their favorite memories with us. I cried my way through the video, and when Kaden’s face appeared on the screen, I knew it was time. He began telling me that he loved me, and then told me that his favorite memory was about to happen.I took a deep breath (as he told me to), and Kaden walked in the church.

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He got down on one knee and told me that he loved me, that he knew we were a good fit for one another, and that he wanted me to be his bride (I said yes!). I have never felt god’s love as much as I did in that single moment. After the whirlwind of emotions and laughs and tears, Kaden and I drove to his house. We walked into a party at his house that was filled with so many people we cherish and love. I am so thankful for that night!

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It is a joy to know that our sweet savior created Kaden and I uniquely to love one another. It is also a joy to know to know that we get to celebrate that truth every day for the rest of our lives (starting may 29, 2017!).

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