Bekah and Cody

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How We Met

So my ,now, fiance and I met in April while working together with a local high school band. I was in a meeting with the band’s director and he was telling me about the rest of the staff. He got to Cody (my fiance) and looked at me and said, “you’ll be lucky if he doesn’t hit on you,” to which I quickly replied, “actually it’ll probably be the other way around,” and laughed. Chuck, the band director, laughed and said, “oh I get it!” and that was that, or so I thought. The next time I saw Cody at practice, he followed me to my car where we talked for a few minutes and he casually mentioned that Chuck had dropped to him that I thought he (Cody) was “hot.” We spent the next few weeks texting until he surprised me with a dream date and from that moment, I knew he was special. We have been together since then!

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how they asked

As I said before, Cody and I teach at a high school band together, and with that comes Marching Band Competitions. The last competition of this season, Cody and I were debating on whether or not we would stay for the awards, seeing as it was going to be late that night before they were over. All week, Cody and the rest of the band staff had been telling me that our Band Director was nominated for an award at the competition and that he wanted his staff to be there for him in case he were to win… seems legit enough so naturally, I thought nothing of it. So of course, Cody and I stayed with the rest of the staff for the “nominations”. Before the awards began, our band’s staff was invited onto the field for a “special presentation” (as you see in the video). When our band director began talking, I was totally unsure of what was going on and was really confused as to why he was speaking if he was the one being nominated.

I wondered if he had already won the award and I had just missed it. He introduced Cody and I and our story and proceeded to hand the microphone over to Cody. He and our entire staff had coordinated with the hosting band for him to be allowed to propose to me in front of, literally, thousands of people on the band field!!! As well, he had arranged for both of our families and my best friends to be there at the competition for his surprise! As cliche as it sounds, when Cody started talking to me and I realized what was going on, those thousands of people disappeared and for a few moments, it was just him and me. I forgot everyone else, I didn’t see or hear anyone else and it was the most special moment of my life.

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I don’t even remember actually hearing him say “will you marry me?” but I do remember running to him, crying and of course, saying yes!

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(Our families and my best friends… we called it our Support Group :D)

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