Beka and Jimmy

How We Met

Jimmy and I actually met through our best friends who were dating at the time. I was a senior in High school and he had graduated the year before. I wasn’t into dating at all in high school and instead of being a third wheel for life my best friends at the time and her boyfriend (who was also my best friend) decided to try to set me up with one of his football friends. I was NOT having it. I had already made my mind up that I would not like his guy. As a typical cliche moody teenager, I wanted the mysterious, romantic novel type of guy to sweep me off my feet (I was the generation of Twilight…) not a football player who seemed obnoxious and too cool. Little did I know what an incredible guy I would get to know. Come to find out Jimmy was my neighbor! Literally 4 houses down and we realized we had multiple “introductions” where he would play basketball with his shirt off, angry face on & headphones in blocking my road home. I would honk and he would wave me by without giving a second look. Such a romantic meet-cute right? Wrong. We had our first attempted set up at a basketball game where I was told “a group of us were going” but of course it was just our best friends who were dating and us.

Beka's Proposal in Future brother In laws family pond

I wore a peacock feather in my hair and the entire night zak and jimmy would laugh and whisper “peacock” and laugh some more. Did I mention how cool high school boys are? It wasn’t until we all started hanging out more that I realized that maybe I kind of like this guy. He always made sure I had anything I needed, opened doors, laughed at my jokes, made me feel comfortable but most of all he genuinely wanted to get to know me and always let me know that he was 100% in. Our first official date was a high school football game at an away school. I was wearing my new H & M mittens and Zak kept nudging Jimmy to hold my hand. Jimmy mustered up the courage and slid his hand into my mitten creating the best and most awkward hand hold of my entire life. I will never forget the butterflies I got that night because it was as if I felt everything that could be and now is! That was almost 10 years ago and I love him more and more each day since.

how they asked

f you read “How we met” then you know A. that this will most likely not be short and B. that Jimmy and I have been dating for about 9.5 years! For about 4 of those years I have tricked Jimmy into taking Christmas card pictures with me! Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year and I will never pass up an opportunity to dress up our dogs Luna & Gunne so every year I drag Jimmy into a pinterest-esque photo shoot where he shows off that million dollar smile he’s so famous for! Usually, I have to come up with a cool factor to win him over but this last year was different, HE was the one who brought it up to me! My sister and her fiance (YAY!) Mike had made the suggestion that we all take Christmas card pictures together at Mike’s families property and it sounded like the perfect backdrop to me! Little did I know that these three and my best friend Kristi had all been coming up with a master plan behind my back!

Honestly the timing could not have been more perfect and I have to give them mad props because everything was very thoroughly planned! I had my company Christmas party the night before our pictures so I had gotten my nails done earlier in the week. My sister then got one of our friends who works at the Mac counter at Macy’s to fake a “customer appreciation” day and so we were getting our makeup done for “free”. I mean, we’ve been dating for almost 9 years and have talked about marriage and at this point I was kind of thinking something was going on but I just couldn’t piece it all together. After our makeup saturday morning we went home, did our hair, grabbed the pups and then headed to the property to take photos! Jimmy and I know each other like the back of our hands and I could definitely tell that he was being super weird, all of them were! Rachel and Mike took their pictures first. Its so funny because looking back I know why everyone was on edge but I remember taking their photos and I kept telling Rach to loosen up because she looked so tense in the photos! Haha!

Beka and Jimmy's Engagement in Future brother In laws family pond

Jimmy and I were in the middle of getting our pictures taken when Luna decides that she’s going to JUMP INTO THE POND. Yep, she fell right into what she thought was stable ground but was really moss on the surface of the pond and then continued to swim around in it ( we’re pretty much champions of things not going as planned…) For those of you who know me know that I would jump over a cliff for Luna so I start heading into the water to grab her out and Rachel, Jimmy and Kristi all yell NO! Now I see that it was probably for the best… Rachel and Mike took the dogs inside to “dry them off” and Jimmy, Kristi and I walked down the lane to take more pictures. Kristi kept trying to position me away from facing the house but I just figured it was her normal nerdy “the lighting is just right here” self!

I kept hearing a “clonk, clonk, clonk” and I look over to see Rachel and Mike walking Luna and Gunner down and they had something around their necks. This is where it all started to click… As they got closer I could see the signs that read “Mom, Dad has a question for you” and then it happened. What seemed like slow-motion with emotions flooding in Jimmy got down on one knee shaking and made me the happiest I have ever been in my life. SO happy that apparently I forgot how to talk, got so overwhelmed with emotion and totally “valley-girled” it with an “I can’t” through an ugly cry. Which by “I can’t” meant “I TOTALLY FREAKING SAY YES BUT DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK RIGHT NOW”!

I then quickly corrected myself with a HELL YES! After ugly crying for like 20 minutes, we took a TON of pictures ( you can tell from all of my sister’s uploads to facebook…) and then Jimmy told me that we were having dinner at my Dad’s to celebrate! I was already so overwhelmed with emotion that I didn’t think the night could get any better until we opened the front door to a “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” being yelled by our closest friends and family! Holy moly talk about emotional overload! I have never cried so hard and laughed so hard in my entire life. The man I get to call my husband pulled off the most incredible proposal with the help of my best friends & family and I could not be more blessed or thankful to have them all in my life.