Beily and Javier

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How We Met

MET in high school, we were both 14 at the time, we immediately became really good friends, the kind of friends that go to each other’s houses, celebrate birthdays together, know each other’s friends/family and every secret; until one day … Senior year we realized we were meant to be, even with all our differences. I am outgoing, loud, bossy & warm. He is shy, nice, & cold, he keeps me on my toes. So much has happened throughout the years, many changes, many challenges, many first days, last days, sad and happy days, but he is my constant, and I am his forever.

…We went back to our High School, 10 years later for an engagement picture🙂

How They Asked

He proposed on May 24th, 2019 while visiting horseshoe bend in Arizona. He wanted to make it special for me and he did. He knew I had been planning and saving for a trip to Egypt after my graduation, my childhood dream. When I was little, I became obsessed with the movie “The Mummy” learned it by heart, the whole movie script. I had a piggy bank and everything & used to say I was saving up to go.

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That dream never left me, I was decided, but I kept postponing my plans after I graduated college because I wanted to find a job first and because things in Egypt weren’t safe at that moment. Little did I know, he wanted to propose over there, but I kept saying let’s wait, maybe in a couple of years. So when we got to horseshoe bend; I will never forget his first words saying “I know it’s not perfect because I’m not proposing in the pyramids of Egypt, but the Arizona desert is the closest thing, I hope that’s okay.” And I screamed crying, forget the pyramids, this is a dream come true, you’re all I need, of course, I’ll marry you!!!!

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