Beenish and Faisal

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How We Met

I’m a dreamer; I dream to live and love to dream. Like most things in my life, I dreamt of finding the one. I was pushing 31 and It just seemed like I would never meet the right person who would accept me for who I am and someone I could see as my companion, my partner in crime, my best friend. That is, not until I met Faisal. Faisal and I met online – no, not on a dating website, or Tinder. We met, or well, got introduced on Facebook through mutual friends. We weren’t friends, but Faisal started messaging me on Facebook. We talked for a little bit but then I got busy with work and stopped responding so he eventually stopped trying. So almost after two months out of the blue Faisal once again contacted me. It seemed as though this fella I had barely known had a dream about me, and that is exactly what he told me. He asked me to meet for coffee, and I said yes! and at this point I was just intrigued. Well, we ended up meeting for coffee. I’m not sure if it was nerves, or just a coincidence, but he spilled coffee all over himself and I busted out laughing, Funny how greatest things happen when you least expect it.

how they asked

Never in a million years did I think I would get proposed the way I did. One only dreams about that fairy tale proposal, but never actually believes it will actually come true or not. Unlike many, the dreams I had became a fairy tale reality right when I least expected it.

My sister was studying abroad in Europe, and I decided to visit her there. One of our destinations we had planned was Paris, not only because it is a beautiful city but also because this city holds a special place in my heart. Paris has always been a magical city for me. I have lived there for several months various times in my life, and each time this city took a piece of my heart, opened doors for me and became something more than just a dot on a map. Let move back to #howtheyaskedme!

Both my sister and I were coming from two different cities, and prior to us meeting at the airport she kept telling me there was this show that she was very excited to see and we had to go straight from the airport. It was a nice venue so we had to look nice as well. I thought it was very weird that Mehr (my sister) kept saying this because she is the last person to care about looking nice in any kind of environment. I kept telling my now fiance, Faisal, she was acting weird and just told me to go with the flow. I didn’t think much of it, and proceeded to do as he suggested. At this point I hadn’t seen Faisal for approximately three to four weeks and was on the edge because I could barely talk to him properly because of the time difference and was missing everyone at home, especially him, a little too much. When my sister and I arrive to Paris she takes me to the performance she had been talking about for the past three months, and seemed so excited for. I was still confused, but I still was unaware of what was happening.

We walk into this beautiful center hidden in the center of Paris, and were just looking around. Suddenly, a random woman with a baby walked over to us asked for our help. She said “can you help me with my bags? My husband just left me for an emergency, and I cannot do it by myself.” My sister told me we should help her, and I felt that it was a bad idea because it seemed very sketchy to me. We walked to the other side of the center for about 15 feet, and suddenly a flash mob breaks out with Bollywood music! I am a huge fan of Bollywood music, but Faisal not so much, but he tries to get into it for me. I was just so confused as to what was going on, and why these random people were dancing to Bollywood music. After the first song ended, I see Faisal, and he has the biggest smile on his face. He kneels and asked me to be his, and all that I could say was “OH MY GOODNESS!” I couldn’t believe what was happening. The love of my life was kneeling on one knee on my favorite Bollywood song in the city that showed me what love was. At this point I had to say yes to this fairy tale, I now call our proposal story!

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Special Thanks

Alice Kantil
 | Planer
Yulia Piatkova
 | Paris Photographer
Silvia Falcomer
 | Amsterdam Photographer