Becky and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met through a dating app where he won me over with his first line of “we probably shouldn’t hang out because there’s a 10/10 chance that I’ll steal your puppy.” My puppy WAS adorable and his funny line had me hooked, so it led to a first date that went perfectly. We fell in love fast, and flash forward a year- it was time for him to meet my extended family.

Becky and Tyler 's Engagement in England

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How They Asked

I am from England and this was his first trip overseas, and he won everyone over very quickly! The whole family was having a huge party for my aunt and uncle’s birthday and what I didn’t know was that he had asked my parents and my aunt and uncle for permission to propose at the party!

There was a huge inflatable pub set up in the garden and we had everyone inside laughing and cheering the night away. In an effort to get everyone out of the pub so he could propose in private, my cousin set up a conga line that took everyone through the garden and back into the house where they all poured the champagne and waited…I was absolutely clueless and thought nothing of my family creating a conga line of 50 people to dance through the garden!

When we were alone in the pub, I all of a sudden realized what was happening when Tyler started tearing up and got down on one knee. I immediately started crying the happiest tears of my life. After a speech that was beautiful (but I can hardly remember because I was so excited!) we walked outside to see my whole family ready to celebrate with us. It was the most amazing night of our lives!

Special Thanks

Drew Hartberg
 | Photographer