Becky and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I went on our first date at a local sports bar/restaurant and I’d like to say it was love at first site but Id be lying. Our first date was average at best but there was something about him that I felt deserved a second date. Our second date, a little better but ended with me getting a “side hug”. I was thinking what is wrong with this guy, I can’t even get a real hug. At that moment I figured that would be our last date but we continued to text and once again there was just something about him so I asked if he wanted to go to a haunted house with me and he agreed. Third date was great, but still no kiss! He swears he leaned in and I pulled away, I say he wasn’t making a move so I gave up. I had a two tickets to the badger game the next weekend and he agreed to go with me, got my kiss after the game and the rest is history

Where to Propose in Our House in Wisconsin

how they asked

A little background: I have an irrational fear of mushrooms. I will not eat them, I will not touch them, I will not eat something that has touched one or really even been in the vicinity of one. It has always been a tough spot when it came to cooking dinners because Sam loves them. Anyways, following a happy hour after to work to celebrate my last day at my old job, I came home to find Sam standing next to a table full of mushrooms with “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a fun guy” spelled out in mushrooms. Before he would get down on one knee he made me try a mushroom, two tequila shots later I had enough courage to sample a very small portion. Sam then got down on one knee uttered some words I was too excited to remember and asked if I would marry him. Despite the fact that he just made me conquer my biggest fear, I still happily said yes, three times

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our House in Wisconsin