Her Sister Passed Away, but Was Still There for the Proposal - See Becky and Marcus' Heartwarming Proposal Moment

Marcus and I met in 2012 and have been together ever since. There was an instant connection that has only grown stronger over the years. In October, my younger sister passed away suddenly. Our world was turned upside down with the indescribable grief of her loss. Marcus never left my side and held me up in the darkest days of my life. He showed me an unconditional amount of love that I didn’t know was possible.

After she passed, I started to see her birth date 7/13 everywhere. I would see it on the clock or as my total at the drive through. It would be written on the TV or on documents for work.

In January, we took a trip to Punta Cana to escape the harsh winter of Cleveland. As we waited on the beach for our dinner reservation, Marcus asked a stranger to take our picture in the pavilion we were sitting in. As I was posing for a picture, Marcus got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The stranger took a couple photos and then congratulated us. When we got back to our room to send the pictures to our parents, we noticed that each picture was taken at 7:13. I had instant chills and we both started to cry. It was perfect in every way knowing my sister just gave us her blessing from heaven.

Image 1 of Becky and Marcus

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