Becky and Dean

how we met

I grew up in Germany and spent my eleventh grade here, in Arkansas. A school year abroad of sorts. And that’s where I met Dean, in high school. Dean and I ended up in the same friend group. After I left a year later, I made sure to visit every other summer. It’s funny- I had a crush on him back then- which, of course, he knew. Five years down the road, I decided to leave Germany again to work in the US for a little. We reconnected and everything just went from there. We’ve known each other for nine years now.

how they asked

Dean, his sister April, and I drove to a vista spot in the hills to take portrait photos. It was January, windy, and more than chilly when we drove up. The sun was just setting with cloud banks sprawled across a pastel pink sky. It was super romantic; kind of unusual for us, since we’re not massive romantics. Still, Dean popped the question while April was shooting couples photos of us. I was pretty slow on the whole thing and it took him repeating himself until I understood what was going on. Quite a few profanities- that I’m glad weren’t on tape- later, the ring was on my finger. He had planned it all with April; I truly had no idea it was going to happen. Perfection. The serenity and how harsh nature stood around us- the cold made it intense- all of it was absolutely more than I could have ever imagined for this special moment. He knows me well.

Special Thanks

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