Becky and Charles

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how we met

We met when we were in middle school. He lived nearby and our parents were friends. We used to ride our bikes together and listen to music (mostly Garth Brooks!) until we drifted apart around the time he was moving up to high school – I’m a couple years younger. We didn’t really talk until we ran in to each other at my high school graduation. He friend-requested me on Facebook soon after. We started talking again, and by my junior year in college, he was one of my absolute best friends. I’d come home from school on weekends to hang out with him.

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It wasn’t until the end of my senior year that he gave me my first (of many, at this point!) mixtape, and I started to get the idea that there may be something more. Things progressed slowly because I was scared to lose my best friend. Slowly but surely, we fell in love!

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It’s hard to pinpoint our first “date” because we always spent so much time together. The first time that I remember it actually feeling like a date was one night when we were just sitting at Nubble Light (obviously!) talking all night.

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how they asked

Like I said before, we’ve both been huge Garth Brooks fans since we were kids – it was one of the few things we had in common when we were younger, so it was definitely a bonding point for us. Anyways, Garth Brooks announced his first tour in about 18 years in the winter of 2014, so naturally, we bought tickets for all 6 shows he would be playing in Boston in January 2015. At Garth show #3, on January 23rd, 2015, we were sitting on the floor 5 rows back from the stage. It was already one of the highlights of my entire life for that fact alone! A little way in to the show, Garth took out his acoustic guitar and started to play a slow, romantic song and the crown went silent as he sang. All of the sudden from behind me, I heard the crowd start to scream so I turned around wondering what could be going on, only to see Charles down on one knee with a box in his hand.

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At this point, the screaming had gotten so loud from the crowd all around us that Garth actually stopped singing to see what was going on! I was in shock, but obviously said YES! Garth saw what was happening and finished playing the song while watching us the whole time. By the time the song was over, we were up on the jumbotron and the whole arena of however-many thousand people was going crazy. Garth walked over and asked if I said yes – duh!

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Leaving the show, everyone was coming up to us saying congratulations and how cool it was. Several people actually managed to find us and tell us they happened to get a couple photos and video of the whole thing that they sent to us!

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