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how they asked – by Brandon As my brother can attest, I fell head over heals for Becky and made plans to marry not long after I met her. I wanted to propose in the Virgin Islands, but wasn’t sure where. Before flying down in April of 2014, I decided to trust my gut; when the opportunity presented itself, I would be ready. Two days into the trip i woke up around 6am, and knew that was the day. It had to be that morning before we made other plans (and before we started into another day filled with rum and beer). I drug Becky out of bed and we caught the 8am car ferry to St. John. We hiked down to Salomon Beach before any tourists could beat us there. It was perfect. Hands shaking, I took a deep breath and asked her to marry me. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I did manage to get it all on video, so take a look and see for yourself.

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how they asked – by Becky: When I say I had no idea Brandon was planning to propose to me – I truly mean I had no idea. From getting ready for the trip to the second we landed, I knew he was a bit stressed, but assumed it was because of juggling work and school (proud fiancé!). We landed in St. Thomas and I was just so excited to play tourist and see where he grew up that I had no idea he was behind the scenes attempting to plan the perfect proposal. We had joked about it before and my only stipulations were that: a) it was private and just us and b) there was a Ring Pop involved (blue raspberry flavor, of course). The first two days of the trip were fun-filled and I was so excited to meet all of his island friends that I couldn’t even tell he was panicking on the sidelines trying to plan this. By Monday morning, I woke up to my boyfriend wide awake before 6AM. I tried to ignore him and go back to bed, but he instructed me that I needed to pack a little bag because we were going hiking in St. John and needed to leave shortly. Still completely unaware and not caffeinated at all – I blindly followed him to the truck and we headed to St. John. We took the ferry to St. John and decided to try out this little breakfast place he had mentioned. His mom always told me that in order to get Brandon to do anything (like shop at the outlets), you have to feed him. Brandon loves breakfast – it’s probably his favorite meal of the day and for him to tell me he wasn’t hungry was shocking! That should have been the cherry on top of the clue sundae, but I was so excited to see St. John with my handsome tour guide, it still didn’t click. Brandon started to seem frustrated that he couldn’t find this one particular path he wanted to take down to the this one particular beach (I had no idea why this beach was so special) so we took a quick trip to the visitor’s center and the nice man explained to us twice how to get to this path. After a few failed attempts of driving around, we finally found the path and started the hike down. We set up our little spot under the trees on the beach and I realized, we were basically the only ones there (duh – it’s still only 8AM). He told me he had this fancy new app on his iPhone that he wanted to use to take a picture of us because he had never been to Salomon Beach before. I thought it was really sweet of him to want to take a picture and there really was no one around – it was just us and one other couple. Before I know it, his sweaty shaking hands were in front of me with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I actually don’t remember what he said because I’m pretty sure I just screamed yes. I’m not one to cry very often and don’t get super girly, but I couldn’t help but cry (as I’m sure you can all see in the video) because I was getting asked to spend forever with my best friend and the love of my life on the most perfect private beach in the world. The ring, as most of you know, is beyond special to me and a new Consolvo family heirloom. The diamond belonged to Brandon’s mother and was gifted to her by Charles at such a special time. Brandon designed the ring himself and it is beyond perfect and filled with so much love. What most people don’t know is we actually were engaged several days before we told anyone. We took a few hours to ourselves to enjoy the beach before we called our family. Together, we decided to keep it quiet for a few more days so we could enjoy our vacation. Sorry, everyone – we got around to the Facebook update eventually! In the end, it was absolutely perfect and the start of our lives together – couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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