Becky and Anthony

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How We Met

We met 3 and a half years ago online!! We were each the first person we went on a date with after trying online dating and after our first date, it was obvious that we had something amazing!! The rest was history.

How I Asked

To start this story we will have to go back some time. About two years ago my fiance (then girlfriend) and I finished our favorite television show, How I Met Your Mother. In the show, the main character proposes to his girlfriend at a beautiful lighthouse. I knew that when the right time came, that this was going to be how I would ask her to spend the rest of our lives together. As time would pass, I knew the time was right. Month’s before, I contacted Becky’s manager at work explaining that I had a surprise trip planned for us. She put the pieces together and was willing to help in any way she could. Being a hair stylist, she came up with the idea to tell Becky that she would be going to a class in New York City for the week.

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With the perfect ring selected and the date that I had planned for our proposal quickly approaching, I did my research to find out more information on the lighthouse and how we could reach it. However, to my great disappointment, after speaking to the lighthouse caretaker, the lighthouse would not yet be open until after the time I had planned to visit. Debating my next move, and keeping in my mind that it is not about how you propose, but the idea of spending your life with your soul mate. I decided that this was not the time, and I would wait until the dream proposal could take place. More time would pass and the night before I would surprise Becky at her apartment before what she thought was a few days away in the city. Monday morning, 6 am came, she asked why I had woken her up so early, I had told her “because we are going on vacation”. After much disbelief and many times repeating myself, tears of joy ran down her face.

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Hours later we left for beautiful Camden Maine, almost ten hours later, we were less than a mile away from the spot that would change our lives forever. Tuesday morning (the big day) had finally come. It was nearly impossible to contain my excitement. I said that I had plans for us for the day. We stopped for a quick breakfast and then off to pick up our kayak. Our kayak was our transportation to the island where the lighthouse is located. Being first time kayakers, this was already enough of a surprise. We then made our way to the Camden Harbor, where the wonderful lighthouse keeper and her two grandchildren were waiting. Leaving ahead, they would have the lighthouse unlocked and ready for our big moment. I had in view my soon to be fiance and the island that I had been waiting to visit. We reached the island’s beach and made our way up the steps to the main land. Together we walked to the other end of the island. Suddenly, the very top of the lighthouse appeared on the horizon line. I prayed that Becky would not know the reasoning for being here when she said, “oh wow look, there’s a lighthouse here”. As we approached, the keeper and her grandchildren greeted us.

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After giving us a brief history of the island, the keeper played along and offered to allow us to make our way to the top of the lighthouse. All the time, and all the waiting was about to come to and end, we were here, the next chapter in our story. We made our way out on to the deck and looked out at the endless ocean. Finally, the moment was right. I asked her to take a look around. Emotion filled, I told her that this was the very lighthouse from our favorite television show. At this very moment we both came to tears. I will chose to keep our conversation private, but as I made my promises, I dropped to one knee , asking my best friend to spend the rest of our lives together. I have never felt a feeling like this before. The next chapter of our forever love had truly begun. I thank God every day for blessing me with such an amazingly kind, loving and perfect woman for me, the very woman who I will forever call my wife.

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