Becki and Kyle

How We Met

I met Kyle when in a high school play; he was building the set for the show. I met him he first day of rehearsal and instantly was attracted to him. After knowing each other for a few weeks, Kyle asked me to prom. A week after prom, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been through college, grad school, and numerous jobs together. We have been together for 10 years and run film production company.

Image 1 of Becki and Kyle

how they asked

Ever since meeting in high school, we have gone on to start a production company and have been working on professional film sets and theater productions since. We have filmed a few videos on the same stage we met on, so one day Kyle staged a “fake” video shoot where he requested we needed to do some “visual effects work” for a friend of his. He requested that we need someone dancing in front of a green screen and later we will use that for a video. He began filming, and I thought I was helping for the shoot, but after a half hour of dancing, he put on a sport jacket, danced with me, and got down on one knee and proposed right there on camera.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Kyle Dunleavy
 | Kyle filmed the proposal by pretending to shoot a music video. When he proposed, he left the camera on a tripod.