Beccah and Steffen

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How We Met

We first met at a social in college. Within a few minutes of talking, he told me that he had a plan: He was going to take me home to meet his parents over a spaghetti and meatball dinner, and one day, we were going to get married. Like any smart (and vegetarian) 18-year-old girl, I told my friends he was weird and did my best to avoid him the rest of the evening. A couple of years later, with A LOT of help from our wonderful friends and support from our families, we began dating.

how they asked

Yesterday, on the top of a hill in Napa Valley, he followed through on the promise he made me 8 years ago at a social and asked me to be his WIFE!!!! We had arrived at Domaine Chandon early that morning for a balloon ride which ended up getting canceled because of the wind. Thankfully, he thought on his feet and suggested we go grab breakfast at Bouchon, and return to Domaine later. We returned a few minutes before it opened, so Steffen suggested we go for a walk and check out the grounds. I wanted to take a quick nap in the car but he was insistent. He led me up to the top of the Domaine Chandon hills..and got down on one knee.

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My mouth dropped and I immediately started crying. He presented me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He had it custom made based on a photo of one I had found on Pinterest and had sent him two years ago. We spent the rest of the day vineyard hopping and enjoying every moment together.

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