Becca and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met in April of 2015. While the way we met is somewhat unremarkable (we matched online via Hinge), we unknowingly had had very similar breakups that led us to the online dating scene — we’d later find out that we both had been broken up with the same day, roughly at the exact same time, by our previous partners of several years. Though we didn’t express this to each other until much later, we both felt there was something poetic about the timing, and the fact that our lives changed in such a dramatic fashion almost simultaneously.

Though we matched and began communicating with each other in March, it took us more than a month to finally meet. Kevin was finishing up his last semester of law school and studying for the Bar Exam, and I was going through a particularly demanding stretch at work, working long hours and traveling quite a bit. As a result, I had really come off as a flake — agreeing to dates just to back out last minute, citing deadlines and last-minute trips. It’s actually a miracle Kev didn’t kick me to the curb after the second or third time I had to reschedule. We finally met one Thursday after work for drinks and to watch playoff hockey. Drinks turned into dinner, and dinner turned into more drinks — neither of us wanted the night to end.

The rest, as they say, is history. While the first few months of dating was tricky — Kevin was studying around the clock for the Bar, and I was working 50-60 hours a week and living outside of the city at my parents’ house — we both fell hard and fast. Kevin was everything I had ever wanted in a partner. He was brilliant, determined and endlessly thoughtful. He was passionate, engaging and so dynamic. I was awed by his ambition and his dedication. He inspired me, challenged me and kept me laughing constantly. Together, we’ve celebrated important, meaningful milestones, and faced some pretty daunting challenges. But in facing the good, the bad and the mundane, it was clear to me early on that no matter what life threw at me, I wanted to take it on with Kev by my side.

how they asked

A few important things to note about Kevin: first, he’s a serial planner — he’s practical, organized and process-driven. He also has ZERO poker face — you always know exactly where you stand with him. So when friends and family members asked me if/when I thought he was planning to propose, I swore up and down that I’d totally see it coming, and that I’d know something was up based on his behavior (spoiler alert: I was wrong on both counts).

I had been on Kevin’s case about a dog — specifically a French bulldog — for as long as I could remember. After months of pleading, researching and waiting, we were ready to bring our puppy Wilbur home. A few weeks before, I told Kevin I thought it would be great to find a photographer to take some pictures of us with the puppy when we first brought him home. When my parents were our age, they had taken these iconic photos with their first puppy at some event they attended, and I LOVED them. They had big, classic 80s hairstyles and these outrageous denim-on-denim ensembles — just amazing. I loved the fact that they had these photos to look back on all these years later, and wanted us to have pictures to look back on, too.

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To my delight, Kevin agreed, and suggested we do it on Memorial Drive, which runs along the Charles River, and has the most spectacular view of the entire Boston skyline. It’s our favorite place in the city, and we’d both waxed poetic about bringing our future dog there for long walks along the water.

When he said he’d set it up, I didn’t even think twice about it, since it wasn’t the least bit out of character for him to take charge of logistics. We scheduled it for the morning after we brought Wilbur home, so we’d actually capture his first official walk in the photos.

We met up with the photographer and off we went. We meandered along with our photographer in tow, snapping pics of Wilbur, who walked all of 10 yards before demanding to be carried.

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Another 20 minutes passed, and with Wilbur literally falling asleep in my arms, the photographer suggested we pose for a few shots looking at each other. I rolled my eyes, but agreed, and turned to face Kevin. Distracted by the dog and feeling acutely conscious of the photographer’s presence, I hadn’t noticed that Kevin had started to reach into his pocket as he lowered his voice, telling me how much he loved the life we had created together. In the next instant, Kevin was down on one knee, holding up the most brilliant diamond I’d ever seen. In a split-second, I realized what was happening — I immediately burst into tears and, through sobs, agreed to spend the rest of our lives together.

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Later, I’d learn that I inadvertently planned my own proposal. Kevin had meticulously planned every single detail weeks in advance. He’d bought the ring several weeks prior; he’d met the photographer, and together they’d scouted out the location, and selected the exact spot. He knew he wanted it to be after the puppy arrived… he just didn’t know how to get me to our spot without raising suspicion. When I coincidentally suggested the photoshoot with Wilbur, he seized the opportunity — it was the perfect diversion, and I never saw it coming.

The photos came back a few weeks later — they’re incredible. Sure, I’m ugly crying in most of them, and Wilbur looks utterly bored in the rest, but we still think they’re perfect. It was without question the singular most beautiful, surreal and memorable moment of my entire life — and thanks to Kevin, it’s a moment that I’ll be able to relive over and over again every time I look at these pictures. It means everything to me to know that someday, I’ll be able to show these photos to our children, who will laugh at how “2017” our hair and clothes look, and show them just how in love we’ve always been.

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Special Thanks

Tony Ochoa
 | Photographer