Becca and Kalani

Engagement Shoot by Brittanee Taylor Photography

How We Met: I met my man through my best friend. She and I have known 
each other since junior high and from then to a year ago, I had never met 
her older brother ;) He is six years older than us and was either in the 
military or living out of the state. I heard lots about him, but never had
 the privilage of actually meeting him.

So, a year ago at his parents anniversary
 dinner I was finally introduced. I can now admit that I secretly had
thoughts about possibly getting to know him more, but I thought I’d dare not try
 anything… it was my best friend’s brother! There’s girl codes. So we 
kinda just made goo goo eyes from afar.

One weekend, however, I went with my best
 friend and her mom to Big Bear and was SUPER excited that Kalani decided
 to come up for a few days as well. His mom told me that she knew she had to
 have kept us apart all these years because if he ever met me… it would be
 over. Well, from that weekend on, she was right – it was over :) So in love and the 
happiest I have ever been was I. Oh yes, and I did get permission from my best
 friend. It’s been an adjustment but we couldn’t be happier. Sister’s 
for life!

how they asked: On that fabulous weekend in Big Bear, we had gone on a hike to Castle Rock.
 It is a beautiful view that you have to climb to see. I am no fan of
 heights, ladies, but when there is a cute guy involved , you better
 believe I made it up that rock. It was a weekend and memory that will
 stay with me forever.

So, Kalani mentioned going hiking a few weeks prior 
to the proposal and I thought nothing of it. It was May 7th 2011, and
 he had planned to take me hiking and to Big Bear because I had asked to go
 there. He figured we could hike and visit Big Bear in the same day.
 So, we got up early and headed for Castle Rock. I was tired but happy 
to be back with him. When we got to the rock, I admit I was not the 
most pleasant person. I climbed the rock once, I got him, end of 
story. I am afraid of heights and already saw the view. I insisted 
that he climb it and I would wait for him. He was so pushy that I
 finally agreed to climb it again.Proposal story

So, after scooting my way up, I made 
it. There were two other couples up there as well. I was clinging to the
 rock when he asked a couple to take our picture. I gathered my nerves
 and stood up. I will still a little nervous at that moment. Then, as
 the woman went to snap the shot, he got down on his knee and asked me to
 marry him. I was in complete shock. I realized then why he was pushing
 the matter of climbing all the way up. I said yes, of course! We
hugged and kissed and took more pictures. It was perfect! I’m still not 
sure to this day what was the real cause of all my nerves was. Was it fear 
of heights or not being able to gain my composure fast enough before 
being asked to spend forever with someone? I don’t know, all I know is 
that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Photography provided by California Photographer Brittanee Taylor Photography