Becca and Jake

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How We Met

Two years ago I started my first full-time job in San Francisco as a recent college graduate. I walked into the office on my first day and met a handful of people who were also starting that day. I was excited and nervous, ready to begin my career in accounting. This was the day I met Jake, who was also a recent graduate starting his first job. He stood out to me for some reason, but I wasn’t exactly sure why. I didn’t put any more thought into it as I told myself I would never date anyone from work. Little did I know that God had another plan for me and it was no mistake that I felt something special when I met Jake.

I didn’t see much of Jake for the first couple months at work since we worked on separate clients. We talked occasionally and went to a couple happy hours with other coworkers. One day Jake and I were talking and I found out he also loved country music, which sparked more conversations between us and we began to share our favorite country songs with each other. A few weeks later we worked on the same job together, which is where we started to talk more and get to know each other. We learned about each other’s interests and backgrounds and figured out we had a lot in common.

Eventually, Jake worked up the courage to ask me to hang out with him outside of work. I was a little hesitant at first since we work together and I told myself I would never date someone from work. I knew there was something different about Jake, he was unlike any boy I had ever been interested in. He was extremely caring, thoughtful, and positive, the kind of person who challenges you and makes you want to be better. After some thought, I decided to go for it and agreed to hang out. The next week, we went to Ghirardelli after work one night and shared an ice cream sundae. In the coming weeks, we hung out a few more times and eventually had our first dinner date at a Thai restaurant in San Francisco. We had such a wonderful time together and continued the “date night” tradition once a month ever since.

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how they asked

A tradition that Jake and I started was to have a special date night once a month, and on our 23rd monthly date night on December 23rd, Jake had something extra special planned. He wouldn’t tell me where we were getting dinner, just that we would go out somewhere in Sonoma, which is where he grew up. I had absolutely no idea that he would propose that night.

I drove to Jake’s house in Sonoma, where he had the car already packed full of everything we need for a picnic in the park. We headed to the town square park where he set up the picnic in a specific spot that he had picked out earlier in the day. This picnic replicated our first anniversary date and was in the spot where we first said, “I love you.” Jake pulled out a bottle of wine that we bought on our first anniversary when we went wine tasting together. I thought it was cute for him to bring that bottle, but didn’t understand why this date was significant enough to do so. Needless to say, I was still clueless the proposal was coming. I sat there drinking the wine and eating all the cheese and crackers he put out while he sat there too nervous to eat.

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Once it was about time for sunset, Jake put on some Christmas music and asked if I wanted to dance. I thought that was a little weird, but also cute so I agreed and stood up. As we started swaying back and forth, Jake started talking about the significance of the picnic he set up and how it replicated our first anniversary date, which was when we first said “I love you.” Before I knew it he was pulling a little box out of his boot, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and extremely happy at the same time. I said yes, put on the beautiful ring that he picked out, and hugged him so tight. I turned around and saw his brothers coming out of the bushes taking pictures to try and capture the moment. Immediately after, we walked over to a different spot in the park to take pictures, and then our parents met up with us, surprising me again. We all toasted with champagne, took more pictures, and went to a restaurant in the Sonoma plaza to enjoy dinner together. It was the most perfect evening full of love and the beginning of a new chapter.

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