Becca and Ian

Image 1 of Becca and Ian

How We Met

Before I left for college in Idaho, from California, my grandpa told me to find myself a “nice basque boy”. The basque region of Spain is a small country in the hills of the Pyrenees Mountains, where my grandpa was born and raised. In Idaho there is a community of Basque people and it was my grandpa’s dream for me that I met a Basque man to marry. A year and a half later my friends introduced me to boy named Ian, who I immediately thought was super cute. After spending the night talking I came to discover that he too was Basque and like me, his grandpa was an immigrant from the Basque country. I immediately heard my sweet grandpa’s voice in my head telling me to “meet a nice basque boy” and I knew that Ian was something special.

how they asked

One Sunday Ian woke me up and told me that we were going on an adventure. He had planned to take me on a caving tour, where an instructor would guide us through a cave in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City. Full of nerves but sufficiently safe with our helmets, knee pads, and head lamps when began to descend into a dark but beautiful cave. The cave ended at a small underground waterfall leading into a gorgeous blue-green lake. As we sat on the edge of a small cliff overlooking the cave the instructor advised us to turn off our headlamps and listen to the flowing water of the lake and the waterfall. I sat in silence, completely in awe of the amazing experience, while Ian quietly pulled out a small black box. Inside was the most stunning diamond, illuminated by a small light that seemed to shine throughout the whole cave. I was in shock and full of emotion as he asked me to be his wife. I will forever remember this day as being the most magical and memorable day of my life.

Image 2 of Becca and Ian