Becca and Erik

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How We Met

Erik and I met as students at Florida Atlantic University. Erik spent most of his time playing D1A football, while I was on the sidelines, cheering our boys on, as a member of the FAU Dance Team. Even though we were always in close proximity, the football field did not bring us together until the very end of my second year of college. Erik had just wrapped up his final year of eligibility, while I was preparing to compete at Nationals with my team. Due to some coercing by his former teammate and mutual friend of ours, Erik was convinced to try his hand at male cheerleading. Being a strong guy, standing at six feet, four inches, he was a natural at tossing girls up into the air. Being that we were now both part of FAU Spirit Teams, Erik was able to muster up the courage to reach out to me. Ironically, we ran into each other that very night at a local bar, and the rest was history. We spent the rest of our time together working at an Irish pub and preparing for graduation. Erik graduated with a degree in Secondary Social Science Education, and I followed suit the following semester with my degree English. We now spend our days shaping young minds at neighboring (rival) high schools.

how they asked

Erik and I had just entered a very stressful week of teaching. We were up at five A.M., just like any other morning; getting dressed, making lunch, and mentally preparing for the hectic school day that awaited us. While packing up my things, a blindfold was slipped over my head. I assumed he was tormenting me as he always does. I giggled and told him we didn’t have time for games; we were going to be late! All of a sudden, he put a pair of headphones over my ears and started to guide me out the door and down the stairs. While attempting not to fall on my face, I listened to the music that was playing…he made a playlist with all of our favorite songs: from the Beach Boys and Kenny Loggins, to Adele and Amy Winehouse. I was in heaven.

As I began to swoon, he put me in the car, and I realized we were not going to school that day. We made a series of stops along the way, but I found myself blindfolded in our car for THREE HOURS. By the time our venture was over, I was hungry and cranky, to say the very least. I instantly hated myself for having even a hint of uneasiness when I got out of the car and breathed in the salty air; I knew exactly where we were. Erik guided me to our favorite spot: the dock of his family’s Keys house. We had spent countless moments there stargazing, drinking, fishing, and talking about the future. When we reached the end of the dock, he asked me to take my blind fold off. I found myself on the edge of the dock looking at the man I was about to spend the rest of my life with.

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Down on one knee, he looked at me and said, “I knew since I was a little boy that I would propose to the woman of my dreams on this dock, and I can’t imagine that woman being anyone else but you. Will you marry me?” Naturally, I choked on the word “yes” as I began to sob. He put the ring on my finger and scooped me up as he had so many times at that special place. Our embrace was followed by cheers from the shore where some of our closest friends were standing as they watched the whole thing! One of those friends, Leon Legot, happens to be an amazing photographer and was able to capture the breathtaking shot of my favorite milestone thus far. After the excitement was over, I began to head back to the car. That’s when Erik told me we were not going back just yet. His wonderful grandparents allowed us to spend the night at their house and my excitement was insatiable. We unpacked the car and enjoyed our little getaway as an engaged couple.

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Special Thanks

Leon Legot
 | Photographer