Becca and Derek

Image 3 of Becca and Derek

How We Met

Derek and I met two summers ago, at a mutual friend’s party. We laughed and chatted all night, but at that moment I just wasn’t interested.

About a month later, we were out together again on Fire Island and really hit it off. The only problem was that I was leaving to go back to South Korea where I was teaching in a week. We squeezed in 4 AMAZING dates and then started our relationship long distance.

Image 1 of Becca and Derek

We spent the next year getting to know each other and falling in love with FaceTime and only saw each other in person 4 times during that year. But, the distance only made us closer and made our relationship that much stronger when I returned home.

Image 2 of Becca and Derek

Image 4 of Becca and Derek

How They Asked

A family friend of ours owns a clothing company, and we love the gear that they have. Derek told me that the owner, a friend of ours asked if we would take pictures of the clothing down by the water. Of course, I agreed.

When we got to the area that we were going to take the pictures, we realized I left the hat I was supposed to wear in the car. So I walked all the way back to the car and then back to the beach.

Image 6 of Becca and Derek

When I got back, Derek said that I should be the one to go first. He had me pose facing him and then had me turn around to face the water with my hat backward. He directed me where to look and how to stand, and then said, “done.”

Image 5 of Becca and Derek

When I turned around, Derek was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. After a moment of being in complete shock, I said yes!

Image 7 of Becca and Derek

Image 8 of Becca and Derek