Becca and Charlie

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How We Met

We had been attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire for the past four years. Both being elementary education majors, we had been in many of the same classes. We had never been officially introduced, but would be able to recognize each other from the classes we shared. In May of 2016, we were assigned to the same group for a project where we had a couple conversations that we both felt had gone really well. Charlie went back to Eden Prairie over the summer to live at home and we had no contact over the summer, but in August, when Charlie came back, he began his student teaching placement at an elementary school in Eau Claire. While in this placement, Charlie met Pasia Moua, another fifth grade teacher at the school. Pasia knew me through working at Randy’s Family Restaurant together for the past five years. As Charlie and Pasia talked more, they made the connection that Pasia worked at Randy’s too, which is something Charlie remembered from the conversations between us back in May.

I received a text from Charlie in late August telling me that he was working with Pasia over the semester and went on to ask me if I wanted to get together to talk about “Randy’s, Pasia, summer, and teaching” sometime soon over dinner. We planned for the following Monday, August 29th at Green Mill. We met that evening, split a margarita pizza and decided to continue the date by going across the street to Randy’s to have pie and visit Pasia. That weekend we went to the farmer’s market and the state fair, which proved to be just the beginning of many memorable dates that continued throughout the next month.

On September 29th, over coffee and pie at Perkins, we officially started dating. The next months were filled with lots of adventures, memories, dates, and getting to know each other more and more. On October 22nd, Charlie told me “I love you” for the first time and since that day, I can’t think of anything more true. As each day passed, I felt myself falling more and more in love with who Charlie was. On a snowy night in December, we spontaneously decided to go look at rings, both feeling that our relationship was one that was going to last.

The trip was short, but left us both feeling excited for what the future could hold. Charlie graduated from college later that same month, finished student teaching and went back to live in Eden Prairie. I, being a semester behind him, am currently student teaching and will graduate in May, so I am still living in Eau Claire. Distance has been hard, but we made an effort to see each other every weekend, continuing to build the foundation of our relationship and making more memories.

how they asked

On Friday, March 10, Charlie asked me if I wanted to get dinner and go to a movie when he got to Eau Claire that evening on another weekend visit. He told me we should go to Randy’s because he liked the fish fry there. We had been there together before, so I thought nothing of it when he mentioned the option. I was looking forward to the date all week, since being apart each week has been getting more and more difficult. He picked me up from my house that evening and we went to Randy’s, got our meal, and enjoyed each other’s company.

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At the end of the meal, I remember saying “We should probably get going, the movie is going to start soon.” Charlie then replied that we were not going to a movie and grabbed my hand. From there, everything becomes a blur as I realized what was happening. As Charlie talked, the restaurant got silent and I could tell people were starting to look over at us. It felt like a movie as he said,”If the past six months have been anything like what the future will hold, then sign me up because I want you, Becca. I want you to be my WIFE.”

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He then reached into his pocket, got out of the booth, and got down on one knee, a sight that I had pictured in my mind so many times. He asked me to marry him, to be his wife, and opened the ring box. It was a small red, heart-shaped box, the same box my dad had used for my mom’s ring when he proposed to her.

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I stared at the ring, amazed, excited, and completely overwhelmed by the fact that the man I love so deeply, loves me too. I said YES, the gorgeous ring was put on my finger and the people in the restaurant started clapping.

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I looked around and saw my sister, Allie, Charlie’s sister, Molly, and one of my very best friends, Sarah, standing in the back, along with Pasia, and so many of the Randy’s staff that I’ve come to love and adore over the years. The moment was perfect. I felt so loved.

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Randy’s is important to me not just because I’ve worked there for so long, but much more importantly, because of the significant role the people there have played in my life through so many circumstances, and how their support has impacted Charlie and I’s relationship.

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As the pictures show, Sarah did a perfect job capturing our genuine excitement, joy, and love for each other. We are thrilled to be starting this journey together towards becoming husband and wife. Through unexpected circumstances, trusting in God’s timing, and spending the past six months with each other, it is obvious to us both that we are meant to be together forever.

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After the proposal, Charlie took me back to my parent’s house to tell them our news. Surprising me again, Charlie had planned a gathering of our closest family and friends to be waiting for us when we got to the house. We were welcomed by hugs from our loved ones, beautiful gifts, and the same raspberry pie we had shared on that first date back in August.

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Even as I write this, the ring keeps catching my eye, and I cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with the one I love the most–one that sees the best in me, encourages me, supports me, and loves me so well. We always say we are each other’s biggest support, and I cannot wait to continue to have the opportunity to show that every day as we do life together as one. Never in my life have I met someone that is as caring and genuine as Charlie. I consider it a privilege to be in this relationship with him as we continue to follow God’s leading in our lives. We are so blessed and so excited to see where life takes us.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Olfelt
 | Photographer
Laura Schneider
 | Owner of Randy's
Allie Lenz
 | Sister of bride/helped plan proposal