Becca and Charles

how we met

Chuck and I met in college. He was the president of his fraternity and I was president of my sorority. We had many classes together during our college career. We started seeing each other during our senior year. Chuck flew in from New Orleans from a club trip with a New Orleans Saints Teddy Bear, a t-shirt and a key chain. That night he asked me out. It will be 8 years together now!

how they asked

The big proposal happened last fall in October. We had our friends Melissa and Justin come from Houghton for the weekend to tailgate at the Packer game. We thought we would enjoy an afternoon at Little Farmer in Oshkosh and share with them what Chuck and I do annually. We got to Little Farmer and we fed the barn animals and bought some apples. Chuck and Justin went to bring them to the car and Melissa and I started walking to the corn maze. Once Chuck and Justin caught up with us we headed into the corn maze.

We started to find our way out and were hitting dead ends. Melissa and I were talking and notice that Chuck and Justin ran ahead of us. We thought that they were going to run through the corn maze and jump out and scare us. Little did I know, I walked around the corner and saw Chuck down on one knee with Justin behind him taking pictures of “the moment!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Totally off guard and looking at Melissa with tears in my eyes Chuck said, “Unlike this corn maze, our love will never be a dead end. Will you marry me?” I cried and still couldn’t believe that at this moment I was about to say yes to marrying my best friend! We cried and hugged each other and couldn’t wait to FaceTime my parents to let them know!

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