Callie and Regan's Beauty and the Beast-Inspired Proposal

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How We Met

My husband and I met through a mutual friend who was my “big sister” in my sorority my freshman year of college. She brought him as a friend-date to an event and I brought one of his fraternity brothers so we decided to do a double “date” for dinner. They had been friends since high school and I would always mention to her how sweet he was but never thought anything would come of it since we only saw each other at social events when he’d join her. About a year later as I was having a dinner for my 20th birthday, I thought, “well I should invite him on my own. Even if she doesn’t get to come, maybe he will.” Sure enough, he showed up! We spent the whole night just chatting and enjoying getting to know each other on our own level. A couple of days later, we had a coffee date and had a date almost every night after that. We were both in artistic fields of study so our busy schedules didn’t leave time for much but when they were open, we made sure to take advantage of it and spend as much time together as possible in the 3 years we dated!

how they asked

My husband knew from the moment he met me that I had a heavy obsession with Disney (Beauty and the Beast in particular). I always dreamed of being Belle and so when he was planning to propose, he knew just the way to go. My best friend worked at a bridal/prom boutique and told me they needed a couple of models for their upcoming prom season and since I had modeled for them before, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She told me that lots of schools around the area were going for a Disney theme this year so they were catering to that and had looks based on all the princesses to photograph. Without hesitation I said, “I’ll do it only if I can be Belle,” which was easy enough for her to agree to. We had a professional hair and makeup artist as well as a professional photographer on site. They took us over to this stunning bed and breakfast down the road for the perfect “backdrop” and the photographer told me she was going to take me first and then bring in the other ladies as I wrapped up. We went to the “white room” which was so romantic for photographs!

After taking a few shots, I notice someone coming out of the corner of the room and I as I go to apologize if we are in his way I looked up and saw my boyfriend! Of course the first thing out of my mouth was, “what are you doing here?!?” Suddenly everything started to click – the Belle dress, the photographer, him – this was my proposal! After plenty of happy tears and shaky voices, he asked me to be his wife and I said “yes” as loudly and as quickly as I could! Once the initial shock wore off, we were lucky enough to have the photographer there just for us to take as many photos as we liked!

When the shoot was over, we went back to the bridal salon where my best friends were all waiting on me (who of course were in on it) and we spent the rest of the night calling the family and celebrating! To finish off a perfect engagement, it only made sense that three days later…. we went to Disney World! My husband made my dreams come true that day and continues to make my dreams come true every day since! I don’t need a fairytale when I’m lucky enough to live one!

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