Priyanka and Amar's Beautiful Vineyard Proposal

Image 1 of Priyanka and Amar's Beautiful Vineyard ProposalHow we met, FROM HIM: We met at 10/26/11 at Gordon Biersch (nice sports bar) in Downtown Miami. It was at a friend’s dinner party right before Halloween. She sitting next to a friend of mine and talking about Halloween costumes. I asked her what she was going to be, and she told me “Donatello!”

FROM HER: We met at a dinner party of a mutual friend at Gordon Biersch in Miami, FL. They weren’t even sitting at the same table, but when Priyanka came up to talk to one of her friends sitting at Amar’s table, Amar couldn’t help but to strike up a conversation with her. A couple days later they went out to dinner together and chatted until the restaurant closed… and the rest is history.

how they asked, FROM HIM: Every since I met Priyanka, I knew she was beautiful, pleasant, and a total smarty; every time I had a surprise or a secret gift, she loved playing detective to figure out what was going on. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her a long time before I proposed, so I knew I had to be super-stealth the everything.

Priyanka had always said that her dream vacation was to go to Napa Valley. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty big hike from Miami, let alone impossible to conceal. Also, we both had planned a romantic trip to Maui down the line, and she thought that I was going to propose then. I had found the perfect diversion, I had a plan, and all I needed was someone to help set in motion.

I immediately contacted Ever After Proposals — a marriage proposal planning service — to whom I had been recommended by a friend. The marriage proposal planner, Avani, and I whipped together a well-constructed blueprint, and we set our plan in action.

It was perfect. As an orthopedic surgery resident, we have lots of implant company representatives taking us out to dinner or events. I told Priyanka a little white lie- that one of the reps had a winery in Fort Pierce, and that he had invited us to go to a private wine tasting on Labor Day weekend. She had never gone wine tasting, so it was perfect. The weekend was freed up luckily, I received the engagement ring in the mail a week prior, and Avani had made all of the arrangements for the perfect proposal.

We arrived at the winery, and the owner immediately knew to take us over to the private tasting area. We sat down at a wine barrel table with an umbrella for shade in the dead center of the vineyard. Vince was there, and just happened to be playing some of our favorite songs.The host was kind and told us that he would be taking us on a flight of wine tasting with a special wine at the end. Priyanka had seen the photographers taking pictures and asked about it. Luckily, the host shrugged it off and said they always come that time of year to take pictures of the grapes.

We went through 4-5 wines, and finally the last one came. As all my friends know, I’m pretty relaxed and never really get flustered, but I swear my heart was about to pound out of my chest. Vince then switched the song to “All of Me” by John Legend, and I turned to Priyanka. I told her how much I loved her, and got down on one knee. The photographer, Gaciel, and her crew honed in with pictures, Vince (the musician) slammed on his guitar, Priyanka said “Yes”, and the rest is history.

FROM HER: I was in the midst of studying for medical school exams when Amar proposed the idea of visiting a winery in central Florida that “one of his colleague’s” family owned. Because I’ve never been to a vineyard – and love the idea of staycations – we chose a date a couple months later and planned the trip.

The morning of the trip came, and everything was seemingly normal. We drove up to the winery in Fort Pierce and upon arriving, were greeted by one of the owners. She took us inside and mentioned that another couple was finishing up their private tasting, and our turn was next. She then walked us to the middle of the vineyard – as the other couple walked away – and a wine tasting was set up complete with a beautiful oak wine barrel made into a table, sommelier, and musician. Both introduced themselves, and the sommelier began by giving us our souvenir wine glasses – on one was written “I love you” and the other “I love you more.” Amar and I say this to each other all the time, so I was pleasantly surprised at the coincidence and was happy we could take a part of the wine tasting home with us.

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The sommelier did a great job of saying because it was a long weekend (Labor Day weekend), they were trying out a musician for their guests.

He began the wine tasting with their local wines, and also mentioned that they often have photographers come down to shoot the scenic vineyard (there were 2 photographers walking around) – needless to say everything was just played off and I had absolutely no idea what was about to come. After we tasted 7-8 local wines, the sommelier mentioned they had a special today – a Merlot from Napa Valley. He poured us some to taste and then handed the bottle to Amar so he could read the label.

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And then out of nowhere, the musician began playing “All of Me” by John Legend, the photographers neared in, and Amar was down on one knee. I was shocked to say the least. It wasn’t until Amar proposed that I saw the merlot bottle was engraved with “Priyanka, will you marry me” and the date.

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It was a beautiful proposal, perfectly planned with so many memories for us to keep forever. It was a day I will truly never forget.

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Proposal Planner: Ever After Proposals | Photographer: Gaciel Santana Photography | Guitarist: Vince Love