Beautiful Proposal in New Orleans


How we met – Melinda and I met at work. I was working in Chicago and was transferred to a small town called Nyack, outside of New York City. We worked in different departments of a bank for a year without really seeing each other, and when it was sold Melinda was moved into my side of the bank where we finally met. Each time I initiated conversations she didn’t give me the time of day for the first few months. I felt I just needed to get some time alone with her outside of the work environment. So I went into the bank on a Saturday to attempt to get Mel’a attention. We still laugh about my opening line that day which was “how do you like my hair? I asked to have it cut like Beckham.” Of course she laughed at me but I invited her to a gathering I was having that night anyway. To my surprise she showed up and we ended up getting a chance to hang out and had a lot of fun. The next day we went on a walk which was around a nearby lake. It was a 3 mile walk around the lake but we kept walking, and 9 miles later I knew she was the one.


How I asked – The following year we moved to Dallas from New York. A good friend of mine in the jewelry business brought me down to Texas to help expand his company. He saved the perfect diamond for me and now I just needed the right place to pop the question. Luckily, we had a trip coming up to New Orleans and it seemed like the perfect place with its history and charming streets. My friend’s wife being from the area helped me find the location along with Aaron so we could catch it all on camera. We planned a brunch near Jackson Square and had Aaron waiting. Both our birthdays were coming up the next weekend and Mel thought I may propose on the day between them, June 9th so this weekend was perfect as she was caught off guard. We walked through the park and when I saw the “x” on the ground that Aaron had marked for me, I dropped to my knees and popped the question. It all went as planned and Aaron captured our excitement of the moment.















Photos by Eye Wander Photo