Beau and Femi

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How We Met

Femi and I both went to the same Middle School in Brooklyn, NY, but I had no idea he even existed. We were in different grade levels so the chances of us hanging out were zero to none. Over a decade later, a really good friend of mine Stephanie reached out to me in 2015 and suggested we plan our own school reunion, so we did! We reached out to as many people as we could find via social media and set the date for April 30, 2016. The day came and we all met up at a restaurant in Williamsburg. Femi showed up with a friend who graduated with my Class of ’02. He seemed pretty reserved and kept to himself the entire night. A few days later, we started chatting online before he worked up the courage to ask for my number. Our first phone conversation lasted 5 hours long and the rest is history. We’ve been best friends ever since!

how they asked

In January 2017, Femi took me ring shopping for the first time. We also started taking pre-engagement counseling so I knew something was coming, but I didn’t quite know when and where. I quickly became the annoying girlfriend who asked a million questions, shared ideas from amazing proposals that I’d watch online, and made sure I was presentable for every date night just in case he popped the big question.

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Femi knew I was on to him, so he became part of the ‘secret service’ for proposals. lol. He always had somewhere to go or something to do and eventually began avoiding conversations about rings and proposals all together. In early March, a photographer reached out to me on Instagram and said he’d love to work with me. He said he needed a model for an upcoming Spring photoshoot and that I was exactly what he was looking for.

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I told Femi about it and then agreed to shoot. The day of the shoot, my sister did my make-up and helped me pick out a few different looks. I also begged her to come with me since I had never shot with this photographer before. Around 5pm on April 15th, we arrived at Gantry Plaza State Park where the photographer was waiting. We walked around the park and shot for about an hour until I started complaining about my feet hurting in the heels I had on. The photographer insisted we take a few more photos near the water right before sunset. As we walked toward the pier, I realized it was the same pier where Femi and I had our first kiss.

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As we got closer, I could see a crowd of New Yorkers gathering and then I saw Femi standing in the middle of rose petals. The entire shoot was a set-up and perfectly executed. I could feel my heart exploding out of my chest. I looked at my sister and when she smiled, I knew it was happening.

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In front of a bunch of strangers, family & friends, and a beautiful skyline of New York City, I shouted “YES!” to the man I’ve prayed so hard for.

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Special Thanks

Leo Bellamy
 | Photographer
Sabena Y., Joannah Y.
 | Planning