Beatriz and Jose

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How We Met

Jose and I met on our high school swim team when I was a sophomore and he was a senior. I had been on the swim team the previous year and hadn’t seen Jose then, so when I saw him at practice one day he immediately caught my attention. After eye balling him for a few practices and talking to the girls about how cute he was in the locker room, I finally had the guts to ask a friend about him. When he introduced us I really just got his name so after practice that night I hopped onto Facebook and searched for this cute boy from the swim team, I sent a request, and then a DM. Shortly thereafter I flirted — terribly may I add, and then asked for his number. A little sophomore made the move and landed a senior. We talked every day after and dated for one month. On April 12 of 2013 Jose decided to surprise me by taking me to Golf N’ Stuff for the first time. After kicking my butt he asked me to be his girlfriend and ever since, he’s made the happiest girl alive.

how they asked

In July of 2013 we celebrated our 3rd monthaversary. We somehow ended up in what we thought at the time to be Griffith Park. Jose and I wandered around and found a beautiful spot where we decided to have a little photo shoot with his phone and a kickstand. Then he randomly and jokingly said “We should take a picture where I’m on my knee and it looks like I’m proposing!” So we did… little did I know this was going to be the exact spot he would propose to me 4 years and 5 months later.

On December 18th this year, I woke up super excited to celebrate Jose’s 23rd birthday. I had so many surprises planned and presents to give. I went over to his house and made all the surprises a success. After he opened his presents we went out for Brunch in LA. I was in heels and 100% not prepared for what was about to happen. As we got into his car to go home, he turned to me and said “There is one place I want to go to but you have to be blindfolded” Kinda nervous mixed with excitement and anticipation I said okay. As we drove I knew what was coming but trying to figure out where and how kept me on my toes. As he lead me through the trail I grew more confused trying to figure out where we were. We hadn’t been to this place since 2013 so as I took the blindfold off and saw my high school sweetheart down on his knee in the exact place he had been on his knee over 4 years ago made me break out into tears.

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This was his birthday but the one who ended up being surprised was me. This was his birthday but I ended with a ring and on May 25 of 2019 I will be taking his last name and I cannot wait to begin this next chapter of our lives.

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