Beatriz and Daniel

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How We Met

Danny and I met our freshman year at Wheaton High School. We met through a mutual friend. During lunch, my friend and I would sit on the floor by the lockers in the “Freshmen Hallway” and eat our food and every day around the same time, Danny would pass by us, gripping the inside of his backpack straps, and stop to say hello. Eventually Danny started sitting down next to me every day during lunch and we would just talk about random things. We had become friends throughout high school, but our senior year in high school was when we became good friends and would text and talk on the phone occasionally, as friends. It wasn’t until we got to college that we grew even closer. Once at Montgomery College, Danny and I would sit in my car in between classes, sometimes an hour to two hours and talk about anything and everything. It was then that he became my best friend. Our favorite pastime was and still is, getting Starbucks. Throughout the years Danny moved a few times and life took us in different directions but Danny was always just a text and phone call away.

He’s the one person who has always managed to try his best to stay in touch with me and check in on how my day is going or would always make time to see me whether it be us grabbing food or just meeting somewhere to talk. Everything is just easy with him. Nothing is complicated. We agree and disagree on the same things and anything we DO disagree on, we don’t make a big deal of it. We communicate well together. We like the same foods, we love Starbucks and chocolate, we love to laugh and like the same music and the same movies, we both have summer birthdays (we’re leos and our birthdays are 4 days apart), and so much more. He and I are so alike that there’s no denying we would eventually fall for each other. It sounds a bit self-centered I know, but it’s the truth. Fast forward 10 years of friendship and here we are, two best friends engaged to be married! I love his sense of humor and his way of being corny and goofy.

Most people think being corny is dumb or immature or silly, but I love it because it makes me laugh, and he always manages to make me shed a few tears from laughing so hard. I love how caring he is, and how romantic he can be. Danny has a way of making the smallest gestures count. As they say “It’s the little things..” KUDOS TO HIM! He’s a great listener and always knows how to make a girl feel real special and loved. He’s such an easy going person and doesn’t take things to heart which is great because I’m that way too so arguments over petty things are non-existent. He shows up at my job once a week on his day off to meet me for lunch and whenever he has a few minutes to talk, he’ll call me. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind me how much he loves and appreciates me whether it’s through text, over the phone, or in person and for that I’ll always appreciate and love him. How lucky was I to fall in love with my best friend. For all these reasons and more, I’m excited to start our lives together as husband and wife. He makes me proud to be the future Mrs. Ortiz!

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how they asked

The Proposal… Not like the movie. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Bea (Beatriz) on Valentine’s Day 2016. I cooked a romantic dinner for the both of us at my apartment with white Christmas lights and a custom iTunes playlist. We later exchanged gifts, and among the gifts I was given a card. The card was sincere, heartfelt but above all had so much meaning that only we could understand. It clicked. A switch went off in my head. “Marriage? Family? Forever with this person?” Yes, yes, and yes. It all made sense. We had been friends since our freshman year in high school, she knew me better than anyone and she had ALWAYS been there for me through my high’s and low’s and not only all that, but she was also my best friend. That night I began to scheme, to think of places, dates, and things that meant something to the both of us. Wheaton High School? Nahhh it was closed and was a little too cheesy for me. Some romantic over look in the mountains? Nahhh I was going to be all sweaty and out of breath. After a few days it seemed like I would never think of the right proposal, then one day while I was on the phone with her, I remembered something.

A few years ago when I was living in Texas, we would talk on the phone a couple of nights a week. During our calls we would talk about everything and anything. One of these nights we talked about proposals. She said “I always thought it would be cute to get proposed to in front of the Cinderella Castle at Disney-world.” BOOM. There it was, as obvious as Dumbo in a pack of Dalmatians. It was information that I thought I would never need, but somehow my brain managed to retain it. Next step… The ring! I had started to search and I realized this would also take time and patience. I was a very picky customer but finally I was able to find the perfect one, because I decided to have one made. A 1 of 1, something you can’t find online or in a catalog, truly a ring as unique as the woman who would be wearing it. I narrowed down a weekend and asked if she could take a weekend off of work in April. As we approached the date she kept asking what we were going to do while we were down there, my response was always visiting my parents in Miami and probably going to the beach. That weekend came, by this time her Dad, brother and my parents were in on it.

I had told her we were going to take a day trip with my parents to a beach a few hours north. She was way more concerned about what to wear and pack than she was the destination. It was all too perfect. We passed every sign and took every exit that said Orlando, FL. Once a couple minutes away I asked “Have you figured out where we’re going yet?” As soon as I finished the question, she saw the giant “Disney World” gate. SURPRISE!! It worked, she was completely surprised. As we were driving up to the gates, I handed Bea a Pandora box. Her eyes got really big thinking it was a ring but I told her it wasn’t was she was thinking. She opened the box and saw that it was a charm. I bought her a Cinderella’s Carriage Pandora Charm that took me a really long time to find. I told her the charm was so that she could remember the day we went to Disney-world. She got emotional and put her new charm on her bracelet. Throughout the day we rode a few rides and took pictures with her favorite Disney Character, Winnie the Pooh. For lunch we went to a restaurant where she and my mom sat in the waiting area.

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I knelled down on one knee in front of Bea. Both Bea and my mom’s eyes got big thinking I was going to propose but I just laughed it off and told them that I was just resting my legs after walking around the park and standing. The plan was to meet my parents at 6 PM in front of the Castle for pictures. First we took pictures of my parents, then my parents suggested to take some of us. My mom had the ring in her purse and as I handed her my cell phone to take pictures of the proposal, she handed me the engagement ring. I walked up to B, grabbed her hand and said “I have one more surprise for you” then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

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After 728 “OMGs” I asked if that was a yes… She nodded and she said YES…my princess said YES.

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