Tiffany and Robert's Beach Proposal

rob5how they asked: I worked at a staffing agency 5 years ago. I worked with some great people and essentially kept in touch with most of them when I left the company. Rob had actually moved down from New Jersey and became my replacement ( same desk, same computer, same sales manager). A few years later, the company had sent Rob back to New Jersey to open an office of his own.

After a tough break up, Rob decided to come back down to Florida to start over. He got back in touch with our old manager and they became close friends. A few months into Rob living in Florida again, Colby ( our old manager/friend) reached out to me with a text saying “I have the perfect guy for you” and proceeded to list “10 reasons why you should date Rob Federico.” As amused as I was by the text, I myself had just gone through a tough break up and had no interest in meeting anyone. I was completely discouraged and hurt so I told him that I would let him know if and when I was ready to meet someone new.

Towards the end of December,( 3 months later) I reached out to Colby and said if Rob was still available then I would love to meet him when I got back from Boston after the Holidays. January 16, 2014, we went on our first date and have been together ever since. Timing really is everything and I was lucky enough that Rob moved back down and was still available after several months. Two people who have had terrible luck with past relationships, finally found the right one! 

how they asked: My parents fly down every October for all of our birthday’s and their anniversary. Unbeknownst to me, this year’s trip was going to be even more exciting than usual. I had just finished an insane week of work and had two weddings to do makeup for the same day that my parents flew in. I didn’t have the time to pick my parents up at the airport so Rob, only meeting them once before when we surprised my father and brother in Massachusetts for father’s day, told me he would gladly pick them up and take them out for drinks and dinner while I worked. We had a blast the whole week while hanging out with them at the beach. A few days into their trip, we had planned for our parents to meet for the first time at the beach where we were going to watch the sunset. My father missed the Florida sunsets so I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. I decided to leave work early that day to spend more time with my family. My mom had reached out to me that morning and told me that they couldn’t meet up early and they would just meet me at the beach.” Weird,  I just got blown off my my own parents.” I decided to just hang out with Rob until it was time to head there for the sunset. Rob was as calm as could be, I would have never suspected anything. Once we go their, his hand was clammy, he wasn’t talking to much, and my parents weren’t calling me to find me. I had a million things going on in my head. “What’s going on?”,”Is he going to propose?”, ” Don’t get too excited, you will feel ridiculous if he doesn’t.”, “where are my parents and why are they not calling to see where we are?”

Finally, after walking all the way across the beach, we walk up to something written in the sand. Rob had asked me what it said, and as  I was reading ” Will you Marry me?”, Rob got on one knee and said “I’ve been waiting 30 years for you, will you Marry me.” 15 Minutes into us talking and crying, I realized he had hired a photographer to catch everything on film. We had a little champagne to celebrate and then a quick sunset photo shoot before we met our parents for dinner. By far one of the best days of my life. I am so lucky to have found this man and I am forever grateful for Colby setting us up. You always wonder why your put in certain situations and sometimes you are lucky enough to find out the answer. Everything really does happen for a reason.

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Photos by: Val Ritter