Beach Proposal Ideas: For Your Sweet, Sandy Marriage Proposal this Summer

With summer vacation on its way, trips to the beach are about to become your new favorite couples activity. What better way to propose than to spend a romantic day with your toes in the sand and waves splashing in the background. Plus, the bright, shining sun will make that ring look extra sparkly!

Looking for tips to make your beach proposal one that you’ll never forget? Check out some of our favorite beach proposal ideas below!

Beach Proposal Ideas

Carve Your Names in the Sand – This might be the most cliche and obvious way to do it, but we’ve got a few ways to make it better: Carve your names in the sand with shells or flowers (not just pedals – pick her favorite flower) inside the carving. Every girl wants a Pinterest-worthy proposal and this will do the trick. Put a three-dimensional spin on your sand proposal by bringing her to a sand castle or sculpture that has your names on it. When she notices your names, that’s your cue to get down on one knee!

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She Sees Sea Shells by the Sea Shore  Take a stroll down the beach together collecting pretty shells. Have your photographer hide the ring in a large shell and plant it in the sand. When you see your photographer, you know the shell is nearby and that your photographer is ready to capture the moment. Point at the shell and ask your soon-to-be fiance if they think that one looks good. When she opens the shell, take it from her and get down on one knee.

Beach Proposal Ideas_ 1Full Proposal Story: McKenzie and Tori

Message in a Bottle – Write a love letter to your sweetheart with all the reasons you want to spend the rest of your life together. Have someone plant it in the sand during a walk on the beach. By the time she finds it, takes the message out, and realizes the letter is for her, you’ll be down on one knee and asking the biggest question of your life.

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Beach Blanket Proposal  Plan a beach day and as an added bonus, say you’ll take care of all the planning! In addition to sunscreen and snacks, add an engagement ring and custom beach blanket, towel, or mat to your packing list. When you get to the beach, lay out your blanket with, “Will you marry me?” written on it, then get down on one knee as she finishes checking out her new favorite beach blanket.

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Proposal in the Ocean – Take her sailing or surfing, and ask her to marry you in the middle of the water! This is a perfectly intimate and memorable way to pop the question, especially if you can include a favorite couples’ hobby. (Side note: It’s okay to leave the ring on land if you’re afraid of dropping it in the water.)

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Underwater Scuba Dive  Suggest a diving course as a fun date idea, talk to the instructors, and tell them your plan. Since you’ll be underwater, it’s probably not a great idea to bring the actual engagement ring along. Instead, laminate “Will You Marry Me?” on signs, and post them in the diving site!

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Engagement Ring Marks the Spot – Send the love of your life on a treasure hunt, complete with a treasure map. This is a great way to combine a fun scavenger hunt proposal with the romantic beach setting. Write out your “buried treasure” map on an old-looking piece of paper, with important spots in your relationship as landmarks. (First date, favorite lunch spot, etc.) X marks the spot on the beach where you’ll propose!

Have a beach proposal story you want to share? We can’t wait to hear how you popped the question! Share your proposal story with us.