Ashley and Justin's Beach Proposal at The Outer Banks

Ashley and Justin_7

how we met

Justin and I both met in college. We attended BCM (sort of like a youth group for college kids) and that was our first meeting. I remember him playing in a group volleyball game I was playing in too. However, I don’t remember his infamous mustache he had at the time (thankfully haha). That was our first time meeting/hanging out. We became friends after that and always gave the other relationship advice. Finally, we decided to just date each other and give that a try. Lucky for us, it worked out!

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how they asked

I had planned a photo session with my sweet friend and photographer, Amanda, back in January for our vacation to the OBX in August. I was hoping he would propose then because being a photographer myself, I would have loved to have the moment captured. However, he told me that was way too obvious of a time for him to propose and to not expect anything. I believed him and didn’t think anything of it during our session.

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About 20 minutes in, Amanda told him to whisper something into my ear to make me smile. Well, all he could do was breathe loudly into my ear haha. I was like, “what are you doing?” haha. He then turned to me and confessed he’d had my ring for 3 years and was waiting to get out of school and get his career going before he could propose. He then asked me to marry him!!!

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I was shocked and just asked him if he was for real, because I couldn’t believe he’d kept a secret for that long! It was the perfect moment and I’m so thankful everything happened like it did. I still smile like crazy when I think back on that day!

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