Beach Photoshoot Proposal at Sandals Grande Antigua

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“In May of 2012 Matt had secretly planned a romantic anniversary trip for us to Sandals Grande Antigua. On the second day of our stay he surprised me at the end of a Snapshots photo shoot with a proposal for our marriage.

At our last photo location (the beach-front rocks, we have many wedding pictures on) Matt stated that he had an idea for the last pose. Matt, holding my hands and looking deeply into my eyes, began to tell me how much he loved me, and how much he enjoyed spending our lives so far together.

Being that it was so early in the day and a practical stranger was watching us through a lens, I was definitely confused about what had prompted such a deep and heart-felt conversation. I assured him that I felt the same, and that maybe we could talk more about this over the private candle lit dinner we had planned for that night. It was then, as Matt held my hand and took one knee, that it all began to make more sense. He asked me the most incredible question I could have ever dreamed of being asked: “Holly, will you marry me?”

I was completely awe-struck, and though I don’t remember this, Matt tells me that all I could do was repeat “Are you serious?” I asked so many times he actually had to ask me to marry him again before I excitedly gathered myself enough to say “Yes!!!” It was something that I had wanted to say for years. Comically enough, Matt, wanting to keep it a total surprise, didn’t even tell the photographer of his plans. The photographer was so caught off guard in the moment of his proposal he almost missed the shot. But he definitely didn’t, we have amazingly heart touching pictures of the whole proposal which we have been able to share with family and friends!”

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