Baylie and AJ

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How We Met

We met on Hinge (which I never want to tell anyone ha!). We matched on a Monday and he asked me to go out for drinks on Friday and of course, I said yes. After that initial conversation, we didn’t talk again until Friday morning when he messaged me asking if we were still on to meet. I, of course, got too nervous and decided not to message back. Later that evening I received another message from him asking if I wanted to take a rain check. I was still nervous, but after having a glass of wine, I had built up the courage to respond and agree to go out with him as long as he came to pick me up.

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30 minutes later I hopped in his car and off we went to the Black Pear for cocktails.

We haven’t been apart since.

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How They Asked

My best friend was coming into town for the weekend and I was so excited to get to spend time with her and AJ (we don’t get to do that very often). She texted and asked what our itinerary would look like for Saturday because she needed to get a pedicure and wanted to have drinks somewhere fun and cool. I was all about it and even suggested Kiepersol since she had never been before.

Saturday morning rolls around and I wake up to two texts from AJ that he had sent at 4:15 am and 6:30 am telling me that he was feverish and sick to his stomach and just all around not feeling well. I was BUMMED. My friend never gets to come to town and of course, the weekend she does, he gets sick. However, I knew he couldn’t help how he felt and offered to take him soup or medicine but he insisted that he would be okay – just needed to sleep it off. Abbey and I went about our girl’s day and had brunch and got our nails done and just really enjoyed the day.

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We planned to be ready and be at Kiepersol at 5:45 pm so that her and I could grab some wine before heading back into town to meet with some friends for dinner at 7:00. So that’s what we did. We got all done up and headed, making it to Kiepersol at exactly 5:45. When we got there Abbey started walking down a path that did NOT lead to the front door of the building and I was beyond confused. She insisted that I just follow her, so I did (still not having a clue about what was about to happen). We came around a tree and I saw a photographer crouched down about the time that Abbey said “Bay, we’re not actually here to grab drinks”. Immediately I knew what was happening and started crying when I saw AJ down the vineyard path waiting for me.

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I started to walk towards him, yelling out and asking if he was feeling okay, which he was. Him being sick was all part of the story so he could get everything set up for the day. At this point, I’m still crying and he asks if he can pray over us. He then shows me a Bible that he got engraved with my soon-to-be new name and read scripture from it. To top it all off, he pulls a three-page letter from his back pocket and read to me some of the sweetest words that I had ever heard. He then dropped down to one knee and asked if I would marry him and OF COURSE, even with all of the tears, I said yes! I then heard cheering from behind and he had some of our closest friends there cheering us on.

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It couldn’t have been a more perfect evening. He is my answered prayer, my go-to guy, my forever friend and I CAN’T WAIT to become his wife.

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Special Thanks

Susan Moser
 | Photographer