Bayley and Erik

How We Met

Bayley + Erick met how many college students meet nowadays – through mutual friends. While studying no one really talked to each other and then later asked their friends for each others numbers because they didn’t want to ask directly due to both being shy. After talking for a bit, the two fell in love and have now been together for 5 years! After graduating from VCU a year apart from each other we moved to Alexandria, VA to both start our careers.

How They Asked

On Christmas day of 2018, Erik proposed to Bayley at her parents house. She grew up on a farm with lots of land and beautiful mountain ranges. Her parents and Erik came up with the idea to ask near their pond and had a painted sign hung on a tree for a subtle hint. Erik told Bayley they were going to take Christmas photos with a new camera he had gotten and then asked her to marry him during pictures! After the excitement of saying “YES!”, Bayley said she knew what they were planning the whole time but played along to not ruin the surprise. Everyone was so excited on both sides of their families.



Special Thanks