Baylee and Matt

How we met: I had the hugest crush on Matt when I first met him in a class during our sophomore year of college. It wasn’t until the next year we finally started to talk and hang out (pretending to do homework but actually just eating Chick-fil-A and watching funny youtube videos). We were the best of friends, but I had always had that crush on him. As it turned out, the more time we spent together, the more he realized how he felt about me.

how they asked: We do “fancy dinner dates” for our birthdays, so we had been planning to dress up and go to this nice steakhouse for a few weeks. Matt came to my house to pick me up, but he was 20 minutes early. I had been sick the week before, so I was not willing to sit in my house another minute! I asked if we could just pass the time by driving around or something. We got in his car, and he started driving through these cute neighborhoods around where we live, and we ended up going to our favorite park to bike at. Going for a stroll seemed to be a good way to pass the time, plus the sun was about to set. As we walked through the park, I could see a bunch of candles set up in the distance. I got super excited because I thought the park was having some type of event or ceremony and we got to watch! As we got closer, I saw the candles and roses everywhere…my heart was pounding as Matt walked me to the center of it all. He gave me this beautiful love note and after I read it, he was on one knee (he was so nervous that it took him like 15 seconds to get the ring out of his pocket!) Obviously, I said yes.