Baylee and Dallin

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How We Met

Toward the end of my senior year of high school, my friend wanted to set me up on a blind double date with her boyfriend’s friend. The date never happened, but Dallin and I stayed in contact (texting, Snapchat, etc.) anyway, and really got along! One night, three years later, I called and asked him if he wanted to join me for a movie night. He insists that it was a booty call, but I had two other friends over with me! He said he couldn’t because he was with family, and texted me later to apologize. I told him that it was fine— he could make it up to me! ? He asked me on a date July 1st. After the date, he asked me what I was doing for the Fourth of July. I spent July 4th with him and his family, and at the end of the night, he asked if I had any plans on Saturday. I knew then that this was going pretty good! We have since had some bumpy roads, but we have been nearly inseparable ever since!

how they asked

I have never been lied to by so many people as the week of the proposal! Everyone seemed to be in on it, yet I was oblivious. My fiancé Dallin asked for my dad’s blessing on Tuesday, but on Friday he was saying things like “I’m so nervous” and “What if your dad says no!”

My Dad then asked me why Dallin kept coming to visit him in his shop, even though he already knew! I told him I was sure Dallin was going to propose at some point, and he said “[I’m surprised,] this is the first I’ve ever heard about it.” I had family come in town over the weekend, and everyone acted surprised to see my sister, but I was the only one who actually didn’t know she was coming.

On Saturday we went to Tempe to watch boat racing, and my dad “wanted to recreate pictures from years ago.” So we all settled ourselves for a group picture and suddenly, Dallin was behind me! After saying hello, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! With teary eyes, I said Yes! We were all so happy! And it was definitely worth the lies! XD

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