Baye and Martin

How We Met

I was a high school math teacher in New Orleans and he was living in Houston and worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. We met when he was visiting New Orleans at a common friend’s birthday party. I arrived late and one of the hosts said she wanted to introduce me to someone. I followed her to the back patio and met a tall, very handsome guy named Martin. I was smitten, but cautious, little did I know this man would ask me to marry him two years later. He followed me around the party for the rest of the night and at the end of the night he tried to kiss me and although I wanted to, I denied him! The next day, he tracked down my phone number and he asked me out. That night after a lovely dinner, we had our first kiss under a streetlamp in New Orleans. I never denied him a kiss again! Fast forward a few months and (after some strong persuasion from Martin) I had found a new job in Houston so I could live closer to this man I was falling deeply in love with. We have been living a dream ever since!

how they asked

Martin and I took a trip to Hawaii over Memorial Day to visit my mom. It is such a special place to me, as I used to spend my summers on the island and it always reminds me of family. When we flew into Kona Martin bought me a lei at the airport and we went straight to the most beautiful lunch on the beach.

Image 1 of Baye and Martin

Image 2 of Baye and Martin

When we got to our house he told me he’d gotten me the pool floats I wanted (the swans like T Swift and Calvin Harris because obvy I wanted those so bad) so he told me to go out on the patio and see if they were in the fedex box that was on the table by the pool. He followed me outside and I opened the box to find these pool floats, and there was another box inside so I opened it and inside the second box there was an unsuspecting fedex bag. Inside that bag I felt a tiny box. And I was like, “dude this isn’t a swan, what is this?” Then I felt that it was a small box (up until then I had no idea what was going on!) and I was like What is that? Martin. What is this?! Martin. Martin?? I was just frozen and all I could think about was is this real? I didn’t know if he was teasing me!!. He took the box out of my hand, I started crying, and he got down on one knee, opened the box and asked me to be his wife!! It was the most beautiful and emotional moment of my whole life.

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I was crying and then a minute later I was screaming and running around the yard, I couldn’t contain my excitement!!! My mother and our friends got to watch the whole thing from inside the house, we took a boat ride the next day and celebrated all weekend long.

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We are so lucky!!

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