Bayann and Adam

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend about 4 years ago, but when we met it wasn’t in person. We would text and talk on the phone but had never met. Adam was always so sweet from the very beginning! I was working in the city at the time and conveniently, Adams office was walking distance from mine. We were texting one day around lunch time and he told me to come downstairs and that he had something for me.

I called one of my friends and started freaking out saying I can’t go downstairs because my hair was a mess and I had no makeup on and didn’t want him seeing me looking crazy on the first date! I quickly came up with a story and said I had an important meeting I couldn’t miss, and that I couldn’t come downstairs. turns out, we had previously spoken about how much I love dessert (especially funfetti cupcakes) and he showed up to surprise me with a Funfetti Cupcake from Crumbs! I felt so badly after but definitely made up for it by going on a real (planned) first date with him and the rest is history.

how they asked

My birthday fell during our religious month, Ramadan. So naturally it was difficult to celebrate. Adam promised me that he had something planned for my birthday the week after Ramadan ended. So he told me to buy a pretty dress and told me he wanted to match with whatever I was wearing. He told me to make a playlist of my favorite songs and also that we were going to have a photographer to grab some shots of us for my bday bc he knows how much I love taking pictures for my fashion blog.

The day finally came, I left work a little early to get ready. We get in the car and he tells me we’re going into the city! (Weird bc Adam hates the city!) I said ok sounds great and we left. He then told me he didn’t want to drive in so we’d be taking the ferry into the city. We drove up to a gated area by a marina and a man comes to the gate and let’s us in, telling us to park at Dock K. We park and walk over to this beautiful vintage newly restored sailboat!

I was so excited I had never been on a sailboat before! Adam told me that we were staying on the boat and that was my bday surprise. Of course he brought all the necessities like flat sandals for me to take off my heels, music, blankets and CUPCAKES! Cake batter funfetti cupcakes obviously ;) We hung out, and took pics on the boat for about 3 hours.

As it approached sunset, the photographer asked me if I’d want to take some outfit shots during the sunset. Adam disappeared and came back, gave me the biggest hug and told me how much he loved me and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife with the Brooklyn Bridge as our backdrop <3

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Best moment of my entire life. And he planned everything flawlessly!

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