Baya and Sean


How We Met

We met over a year ago on tinder. I remember talking on the phone with him before we met. I was nervously pacing all over my house and thinking “whoah, I’ve never been this excited to meet a complete stranger.” And I guess the rest is history…. #gladIswipedright

how they asked

I was the closing speaker at the 2016 TEDx Salt Lake City conference. I got off stage and the host said “Baya, can you please come back on stage?” I walked out, completely confused. Sean walked on stage and it all clicked.


Both of our families were in the audience and so were all of my friends. In fact, I even had a couple of friends fly in and surprise me. In the speech I gave I talked about connection and creating ritual… I mentioned a ritual Sean and I do every night where we each say “the thing I love about you most today is_____” before we go to bed.

When he got on stage he whispered in my ear “the thing I love about you most today is how I get to spend the rest of my life with you”. Then he got down on a knee and asked me to marry him! The crowd went crazy, haha…. it was wild.





Our Video

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