Bay and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met in 2015 through a mutual friend after I got done with The Voice. He was 15, I was 18. I went to visit Hartville, Ohio, where he’s from, for the first time and he happened to be in the group of new friends to pick me up from the airport. He’s a couple of years younger than me, so for years, we were just friends and neither of us ever thought of anything more. This picture is from the second time I ever visited Ohio.

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How They Asked

All of a sudden, in August of 2018, he was my best friend on the face of the earth. To us, it was completely a God thing and when we finally decided to start dating, we knew that we wanted this to be it for us. We were long distance for about 9 months and then, crazily enough, I ended up moving from Nashville, TN to Columbus, OH, where we both are now. After a while, we ended up doing a couple of things backward, such as booking the venue and picking the day before we even got engaged. A few days after Christmas this past year, he couldn’t keep the secret any longer that he was working on getting my engagement ring made and I could barely sleep that night. He did, however, convince me not to get my hopes up on how soon it would be because the ring was not as close to being done as he’d like.

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Fast forward a week, with my parents coming in town and the plan set, long story short, all plans fell through. The casting machine of the jeweler he’d hired broke, friends and family would no longer be in town and our photoshoot with a friend was rescheduled. My parents stuck with their plan to come up, bringing a Uhaul to officially move me into my apartment and that Friday, he asked my dad for his blessing to propose whenever he could. Though I had no idea. After a couple of hours that same night, Brandon got a text from the jeweler that the ring was being overnight-ed to Columbus and he could pick it up the next day!

Bay and Brandon's Engagement in Columbus

A new plan was put in motion and Saturday, I was busy being productive, minding my own business, and not expecting a thing. Friends tried to get me to get ready and go out, but I was not budging. At 2:56 pm, Brandon texted me and said, “meet me at the Gahanna Sanctuary at 3:45.” Little did I know, he had driven over an hour away to meet the jeweler to pick up the ring and was on his way back, heading straight to our wedding venue to propose.

My heart went wild because I had a feeling it was happening. My best friend drove me to meet him and as we pulled up, I saw him, along with two of our friends, who just so happen to be photographers, standing outside the venue. He took me by the hand, got down one knee, and asked me to marry him. Wow. I love him. It was beautiful and perfect and I still have to stop and take it in every now and then that we are REALLY getting married and it’s in 6 short months now!

Special Thanks

Naomi June
 | Photographer
Alex Comacho
 | Photographer