Basketball Player Fakes Injury to Propose to Girlfriend [VIDEO]

imageWe met at a pro-am in North Carolina – I played before him. Let’s just say what activity we love the most brought us together.

The proposal: We played a one-on-one basketball game right before his AAU practice. We both play professional basketball so playing this way together was nothing new.

I scored one basket and he scored two quick buckets. On the third basket, he faked an injury. I was terrified…

Two of his friends came over to help. One blocked me out so I couldn’t see the well-executed ring pass (it might have been better then Payton Manning passing).

Right when I reached to grab him, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

The funny this is after he asked me, reality struck in that the game wasn’t over and I called “its my ball”.

Even though we didn’t finish it… we both won. Check out the YouTube video it’s almost at 3 million views…


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