Blair and Basile


How We Met

Basile and I met as Freshman at the University of California, Davis. We both lived in the same dorm and quickly became friends. I loved how we could talk for hours never wanting our time together to end. After a year of getting to know each other, we both realized that we wanted our relationship to be more than just that of best friends. We entered Sophomore year as boyfriend and girlfriend, and have been loving each other ever since!

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how they asked

Basile and I had a trip planned to Paris where I fully expected to get engaged, so I thought nothing of it when my sister and two best friends planned a day wine tasting in Napa…

The four of us went out to brunch at the Freemont Diner in Sonoma, grabbed a glass of champagne at Domaine Carneros, and continued our wine tour by driving up through Napa to Peju Province Winery. At Peju, we were tasting wine when the manager came into the tasting room and told us that because I had just taken the California Bar Exam, they wanted to treat us to a special tasting in the garden. I followed her outside simply thinking about how great their service was.

As we were walking through the garden we came upon a little bridge, which the manager asked me to walk across first.


I thought that was weird, but I did not understand what was happening until I saw an idyllic garden and pond and in the center of it all was Basile.


I was completely surprised. It took me a minute to recognize him, because I fully believed he was at work in San Francisco. When I saw the table covered in flowers and champagne I knew he wasn’t just joining us for the wine tasting.


Needless to say I completely broke down with shock realizing that I was about to get engaged. I had no suspicions whatsoever about that day, Basile had kept it such a secret! Luckily my sisters and friends pushed me towards him since I had froze in my tracks.


As we stood on the edge of the pond he talked about how his life had changed forever when he met me. He said he knew the way to my heart was through my family, so he set out to grow close to the people I cared and loved, and slowly worked his way into their hearts.



Now it was his turn to ask me, if I would let him into my heart, into my family, and marry him.


Of course, I SAID YES!!!



It meant so much to me to have my sister and best friends there. I found out they had been involved with planning the proposal with Basile for months. They had thought about every last detail, even recommending to me that I wear the perfect white dress.


The surprises did not stop at Peju. Basile told me that we could go tell my parents about the engagement when we were back at their house in Sonoma, but had wanted to keep the festivities small. However, when we drove into the driveway both of our families were there with an entire engagement party waiting for us!




I am still overcome with love, joy, and gratitude that so many people love us so much to make this proposal possible. We owe everyone involved such a huge thank you for making how they asked a dream come true!



Special Thanks