Barry and Rebecca

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How We Met

Barry and I met through a mutual friend in college. We both had the same major, and we were “just friends” our first semester. Second semester we both had chemistry class together, and I got sick halfway thru the semester- making me miss over a month of class. Since I was failing, and I knew he was the smartest kid in class, I asked him to help me catch up and hopefully pass the class. He agreed to tutor me, but no studying got done, and I still failed the class- but I wasn’t too upset about it because through it all, we both realized that we really liked each other and we started dating.

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how they asked

Fast forward to our 7 month anniversary- we were both in the Bahamas, I was there meeting his family for the first time. The 19th was our 7 month anniversary so he told me to dress up cause we were going out for a fancy dinner. At the restaurant we had a very nice meal, but he seemed so nervous throughout it all, I knew something had to be going on. After dinner I asked if he wanted to leave and he said to just wait, he was enjoying just sitting there talking.

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Suddenly I heard a weird popping noise and turned around to see our waitress bringing me a dessert (that I didn’t order) with sparklers. When she put the dessert down in front of me I saw the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen in my life. Barry got down on one knee in the restaurant and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

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