Barbara and Victor

How We Met

Victor and I met over eight years ago. We are classic High School sweethearts. He transferred to my school for the Sports classes when I was in England for an exchange. When I came back to my school in January I immediately had a crush on him. Being one year higher than me he was even more interesting for me! After some time I gathered my courage and sent him a message. After that we started texting on a messaging platform called ICQ…very retro…but romantic. We only spoke on ICQ, never in school. We were too cool (or shy) to really talk to each other. After weeks and weeks of texting he asked me out on a date. We went to the cinema and saw Juno. After the movie we kissed for the first time and said goodbye. I couldn’t sleep because I was so happy and nervous. On the next day of school we didn’t want to waste any more time and decided to be together now! Today, 8,5 years later I love him more than ever!

how they asked

One Saturday morning my fiancé woke me up at 6:00am asking me to join him on an adventure. Rather grumpy at that time in the morning I followed him to the car not having a single clue where he would take me. We drove to a friend’s house who is a hot air ballon pilot. At first I was scared to death but I slowly realised that something special was gonna happen. When we were high up in the air with a spectacular view on the Bavarian alps he popped the question.


He gave me a beautiful ring from his family’s heritage. I feel so blessed that such a precious piece of family history was given to me. So I said YES! Three times, just to be sure! Ever since every single day is a wonderful mess of wedding planning.